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Thom Bierdz: Proof of Life After Death

For me, loneliness and daytime television have always gone hand-in-hand.  As a metronome for the morning, I'll switch the TV on as I prepare for the day.  Some afternoons I find myself standing alone in my kitchen intrigued by a talk show train wreck or a CNN prediction of doom.  During my college years, I remember the guilty displeasure of Luke and Laura.  Today, daytime's preponderance of lawyer, technical school, and lapband commercials make it appear as though people at home could use some shining inspiration.  It's there, but you have to dig behind the scenes to find TV's daytime gold.

Thom Bierdz's return to The Young and the Restless is 24K brilliance.  In 1989 his character, twenty-eight- year-old Phillip Chancellor III, drove his car off a cliff in a drunken fog.  All the bells and whistles pealed for a big-haired 'eighties funeral that left legions of fans teary eyed over the end of handsome, young, rebellious Phillip.  This summer in a Friday afternoon closing cliffhanger, Thom Bierdz, as Phillip, appeared back on the soap.  It seems that Phillip has risen from the dead, but in truth Mr. Bierdz has come back to restore Phillip Chancellor's dignity and give middle America a shot of humanity.

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Goldman Sachs Buys Atlantic Ocean

New York - The "New York Times" is reporting that Goldman Sachs has completed its acquisition of the Atlantic Ocean, stunning the other remaining investment bank. An overpaid spokesperson for the firm has confirmed the story to The Times, in exchange for "above the fold" placement of his daughter's wedding announcement.

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My Opinion: Michael Jackson's Grave

Michael Jackson's life has always been a contradiction of outlandish oddity and pinpoint perfection. Now in death, with the unknown location of his body, the enigma continues. It's Hollywood's real life "Where's Waldo," but unless the family is into inflicting undue pain on itself, I am almost certain he is in his final resting place, and I have found its location.

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The Stuff that Dreams Were Made Of

One of my favorite places is The Antique Store in Bridgehampton NY. Not only do they have great antiques, but the proprietors are even able to make a pair of socks or an old piece of glass a gem of American design. In these economically skinny times, I love walking into this store just to gaze at the great displays of American collectibles. I hope someday America will move forward into yesterday to once more produce remarkably beautiful things.

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Gay America's Afternoon in the White House

Even with its bulletproof glass, handsomely clad guards, vibrant colors, master paintings, and lavish food and drink, my visit to the White House Monday left me dissatisfied.

The Obama Administration assembled a group of two hundred or more of America's well-heeled leaders for equality, but like little doggies most were wide-eyed at his feet. Politicians work for us. If they do their job with good intention, they demand our respect. They deserve fervent applause when they are heroic. Today I expected to hear the explanations of a champion knocked off his path by a country in financial distress, but instead I heard platitudes, cracked promises, and disappointments. Still, the crowd cheered for more.

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