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A Night To Remember

A Night To Remember

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Below is a transcript of the review on the audio file playable above.

1958's chilling British film, "A Night to Remember" chronicles the disaster of the Titanic better than any version before or since. Set in the reality of the icy North Atlantic, it tells the story through the varied characters based upon real passengers. Without remarkable music, modern special affects, or a silly storyline, "A Night to Remember" presents a microcosm of humanity, leaving us empathetic, entranced, and appreciative of our own cozy, dry lives.

Shot in glorious black and white this version of the worst disaster in maritime history captures the raw contrast between life and death, warm and freezing, the hopeful and the helpless. The power of this Titanic movie lies not in the film itself, but in what we imagine we would be experiencing if we had been unlucky enough to be one of the lucky passengers who secured a coveted ticket for the ship's maiden voyage.

During filming many of the survivors of the sinking came to the set to offer their memories. First class passenger Edith Russell had been onboard with two cabins – one just for her dresses. She had brought her lucky musical stuffed pig onboard the ship. When she was set to board a lifeboat she insisted her steward go back to her sinking room for the toy she had forgotten. He retrieved it. During filming, she brought it to the set with her. They used the actual stuffed toy pig in the film.

Beside the stuffed pig, today there is one last living survivor of the disaster, Millvina Dean; she was 2 months old at the ship’s sinking. Today she is 98.

During the last years of his life a Titanic survivor lived within earshot of Detroit’s Tiger Stadium. The clamorous roar of the crowd cheering a grand slam sounded just like the desperate screams of his doomed shipmates freezing in the water. That night in his lifeboat was a night he could never forget, and for us it’s all in 1958's "A Night to Remember."

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