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Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory

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Below is a transcript of the review on the audio file playable above.

Stanley Kubrick’s first hit film 1957’s, “Paths of Glory”, is a master class in great film. It jolts you to life, haunting your perspective like only a Kubrick film can.

Colonel Dax, played by Kirk Douglas, witnesses man’s injustice, greed, and sadism, as he heads a battalion of soldiers during WWI. When he is asked by his General to send his men on an insane suicide mission, lunacy rules. Life is just a statistic, and patriotism is a cover for greedy, hard-hearted men hiding behind a flag unfurled in the name of a better tomorrow.

The camera rolls hopelessly through the fighting men’s last-ditch trenches. Thru Kubrick’s cutting shadows, the soldier’s desperate faces beg for an answer as to why they are there, what could possibly be so much more important than life? It’s a demanding story to experience -it’s emotionally real and responsible, twisting you backwards and up-side down, then finally setting you straight.

Virtually unknown actor Timothy Carey plays Pvt. Ferol, an innocent but doomed soldier. Ferol begs for salvation from a Priest. His haunting pleas are ignored as the priest reads heartlessly to him. The unpredictable actor improvised his dialogue for the shot, he had been directed to remain quiet. If stars were made based upon a single scene Carrey’s would have been one of the brightest.

1957’s “Path’s of Glory” isn’t a war film; it’s a great film revolving around a battle. It’s an entertaining, engrossing story begging us to learn to get along, before we fall victims of our own senseless sense of retaliation.

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