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Sixties London was a hot bed of cultural change. There the wave began to churn altering the tide of attitudes of young adults everywhere. It was an Austen Powers groovy English scene, where swank was the dream, fame was power, and cigarettes and go-go boots were long and unfiltered.

It was when hanging out and not being hung up was what life was all about. Love was the drug. Sexual norms were a cop-out and everybody swung. The Beatles, Mick Jagger, and Jimi Hendrix were turning the summer of love into a purple haze -- and John Schlesinger was making his film entitled “Darling” – which was the “Saturday Night Fever” of its time.

Julie Christie stars as Diana Scott, a blonde beauty who knows the value of her pretty face. She climbs the ladder of success while lying down. Schlesinger captures the time with this swank and sexy black and white British bombshell of a film. Julie Christie earned her only academy award for her performance as the kind of girl who checks into a hotel to check out a married man.

"Darling" is presented by a company called "Anglo Amalgamated." Wait until you see Anglo’s trademark when it appears onscreen just before the opening credits. It alone is worth the rental fee.

Julie Christie’s second Oscar in 42 years could come from her current film “Away From Her.” I predict it will complete her set of golden Oscar bookends. It, along with this sixties romp “Darling”, continue to define Julie Christie’s career and legacy.

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