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Bad Day at Black Rock

Bad Day at Black Rock

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Below is a transcript of the review on the audio file playable above.

1955’s “Bad Day at Black Rock” stars Spencer Tracy as the mysterious Mr. McCreedy, a well-dressed stranger with baffling business in the small, secretive, southwest town of Black Rock. When McCreedy starts asking questions about a resident he’s looking for named Komoko, the frightened, tightened, unenlightened locals turn downright nasty. There’s a murmur of murder in this mousetrap of a town, and McCreedy smells a rat. Handsome leading man Robert Ryan stars as the town heavy, who calls the shots and shoots those who can’t keep a secret. He’s a man who believes prejudice is patriotic. He says WWII Japanese interment camps were where Asians belonged. In a final act of irony only capable in Hollywood and in war, he’s proven deadly wrong.

“Bad Day at Black Rock” cautions us that hate and violence are deadly duel edge swords. Remember, if you want to live in a world that is peaceful and honest, you must live peacefully an honestly. This standup film makes me proud of that generation of moviemakers that rose up and spoke out in Hollywood.

This film also features a steamy performance by long, and lanky Lee Marvin. Marvin’s claim to fame came years later when he was sued by his live-in lover Michelle for a portion of the money he made during their 6 years of co-habituation. The term “Palimony” was born from this suit and Lee Marvin was its daddy. Poor Michelle never got a dime – her claim of Pillow-talk promises needed to be in writing according to the testosterone infused courtroom.

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