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Incredible Shrinking Man

Incredible Shrinking Man

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Below is a transcript of the review on the audio file playable above.

As a 1960's little boy sneaking out of bed to watch a Late night movie on our black and white TV, I was lead to believe in more than a few implausible monsters. Giant Ants, Giant Grasshoppers, and Giant women from the Amazon were but a few things in my little boy world of big problems. Most possible to my 10 yr old mind, was that the common air might turn me into the Incredible Shrinking Man. 1957's Sci-fi masterpiece was a product of our post-war fear of radiation, and the new box of horrors this unknown force might unleash.

Shot on a relatively low budget this film, stars Grant Williams as the sexy shrinker Scott Carey. Scott begins to loose his stature after his boat innocently floats through a mysterious crystaline fog. Hopes rise and shrink. Little Scott is finally forced into the family Dollhouse - that is until the household Kitty, played by one of Hollywood's first Cat-thespians Orangey, (who has did more work in this town than most young hopefuls) decides he'd make a good stand-in for a mouse. Poor little Scott is thought for dead, but in reality he has been swept away to the basement. Wearing nothing more than diapers he defends himself against the common household spider in a scene that will turn any blue blooded American into an anacrophobiac faster than Psycho chased a nation out of the shower.

Yep, and safety pin and some thread make are a must have for this mini survivor, alas how small will he get...only time will tell, as I cant bear to spoil the ending of this classic sci-fi hit.

By the way according to my sources Orangey never really made it to superstardom, seems he couldnt stop scratching the casting couch, and was eventually run out of town on a rail.....that's Hollywood.

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