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Tom Gregory's Hollywood Vault radio clips, as featured on Leeza Gibbons' national radio program Hollywood Confidential!

Red River

Red River

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Below is a transcript of the review on the audio file playable above.

1948's Red River Starring John Wayne and Montgomery Clift is wildly regarded as one of the best westerns of Hollywood's golden age. It's certainly the quintessential film of the genre, and it's worth a watch.

During a long trek to deliver cattle, across western Texas, mutiny strikes and our stars become enemies. Lots of down and dirty in the dusty desert. Pretty new stuff for me, but movin' cattle is horseplay for these cowboys. A "woman of the plains," (clear throat) enters the flick and, well, everything seems to wind up pretty swell.

The women really look great ... wait till you see how our lady takes an arrow in the shoulder, she's tougher than nails.

Its hard to watch the 40's disregard of the American Indian, but thats the side Hollywood took, and its a darker part of our history.

Some Great dialogue in this one:

"I fell in love with him, under a wagon in six inches of mud."

"A tired man dont run away."

"A sweet tooth is almost as bad as having a whiskey tongue or liking women."

"All the sleep he's had in the last three nights would fit in a mouse's ear"

"A whole wagonful of them headed toward Nevadee."

Old westerns have never been my thing, but If you want a taste of them, this one offers enough hooting and hollerin' for a lifetime.

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