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The Best Years of Our Lives

The Best Years of Our Lives

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Let’s face it modern life can be hectic. Traffic, the boss, the nightly news, and everyday stresses and strains can leave us thinking that the good life is passing us by; but it is not, this is the good life. Our present is the great future of America that our parents and grandparents fought so hard to win in WWII.

The price of the war was high on the battlefield and at home. Shortages, separation, and sacrifice left servicemen, and their families, wounded. In an effort to explain the bloodshed, and predict America’s future Hollywood turned the camera lens on the returning veterans and ended up making a masterpiece on humanity.

1946’s “The Best Years of Our Lives”, is the film about three soldiers from the same town returning home. Their experiences in the battlefield are coming stateside with them too, still alive in their heads and hearts and evident in their scars. They’re retuning to a new America, hardworking and ambitious but anxious to experience joy and prosperity in the nuclear age; every scene in this film in a sumptuous treasure waiting to be discovered.

Wildly regarded as the last film of WWII, director William Wyler answers questions while reminding us that time, like it or not, keeps going on; it’s up to all of us to keep up our great endeavors and continue to make the world a better place.

Winner of seven academy awards, including “Best picture of the year”, and two Oscars to a very uncommon actor named Harold Russell. You must watch this film at least once in your life. Like the war itself, “The Best Years of Our Lives”, changes anyone who experiences its drama, and that ability to alter your awareness is Hollywood’s gift to mankind.

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