Bukayo Saka was criticized for a tendency.


Bukayo Saka was criticized for a tendency. David Seaman has challenged Arsenal’s star player Bukayo Saka to quit inflating his injuries after Saka’s clumsy challenge during the team’s 3-0 victory over Bournemouth.

David Seaman has urged Premier League players, including Bukayo Saka, to cease pretending to be hurt when playing.

Saka, 22, was the victim of a brutal challenge from Ryan Christie during Arsenal’s most recent 3-0 victory over Bournemouth. Despite receiving treatment, Saka was allowed to resume play.

The England star sustained a gash on his shin during the tackle, which caused Saka to writhe in agony. Former Gunners star Seaman was first incensed by the challenge, but after seeing the tackle replayed, he quickly had second thoughts.

Bukayo Saka was criticized for a tendency. (Getty image)

In an interview with the Seaman Says podcast, he stated, “That’s a red card!” as soon as he observed the tackle. He dragged it down his shin after he went over the top of the ball and was caught on his knee.

“He needs to pack in that waving all the time as well because that’s normally used as a signal to the physio bench when you are in trouble,” a frustrated Seaman continued, speaking about Saka’s ostentatious response to the tackle.

“I’ve noticed a lot of other guys doing it as well, so it’s not just Saka. That technique was always to let the referee know you were hurt so they could rapidly get ready to go on when he gave the all-clear.

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However, players are already making that signal, getting up, and not even getting medical attention. They are rule benders, so trust me when I say they will try everything!

Although Seaman took a stand on Christie’s tackle, many Arsenal supporters were shocked when VAR did not step in. Some used social media to vent their grievances, but Arsenal’s ability to win handily later on reduced tensions.

With a game remaining, Pep Guardiola’s team still has an advantage over their championship rivals. Still, the outcome puts the Gunners one point ahead of Manchester City at the Premier League summit heading into the season’s closing weeks.

Source: Mirror