William among guests at Duke of Westminster’s wedding


The previous day in the cathedral, Olivia Henson wed Hugh Grosvenor, the godson of King Charles III, with Prince William ushering in their bridal party.
Prince George’s godfather, the 33-year-old duke, could not attend the ceremony with his 10-year-old son because it fell on a school day.
As the couple exited the cathedral, an orange plume emerged from a device resembling a fire extinguisher, and two ladies were taken out of the crowd by police.

Duke of Westminster wedding details:

Duke of Westminster wedding: UK’S most eligible bachelor ties the knot with a little help from Prince William.

The newlyweds were walking towards a car when two of the campaign group Stop Oil allegedly used the devices to discharge powder paint close to the entrance.
Two ladies, a 69-year-old from Manchester and a 73-year-old from Suffolk, were detained by Cheshire Police after being taken into custody on suspicion of breaking the law.

With a net worth of around £10 billion, the duke is considered one of the wealthiest individuals in the United Kingdom, and his spouse has experience in the sustainable food and beverage sector.
In addition to Prince George, he is said to be the godfather of Prince Archie, the son of the Duke of Sussex.
It is believed that Prince Harry and his brother did not attend the wedding by mutual consent when the duke’s sister, Lady Tamara Grosvenor, got married in 2004.
The King and Queen Camilla left for Normandy on Thursday to participate in the D-Day commemorations; they did not attend the service.
Additionally absent was the Princess of Wales, who is undergoing cancer treatment.

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The bride wore a gown and veil that Emma Victoria Payne created. The gown’s edge and floral motifs were made from a veil that Ms. Henson’s great-great-grandmother had worn around 1880.
The 31-year-old additionally wore a historic tiara with a myrtle leaf pattern, which was created for Grosvenor brides by the esteemed Russian jewellery manufacturer Fabergé and has been worn on their wedding days since 1906.
Flowers from the duke’s rural estate, Eaton Hall, were used to make her bouquet.

Duke of Westminster
Duke of Westminster (A representative for the couple said it meant “a lot” for them to marry in Chester)

Prince William’s guests

Public members began arriving outside the cathedral early in the morning, bringing camping chairs and picnics.
By the time of the service, thousands were gathered outside the cathedral and in the surrounding streets, and many witnessed the protest as the couple re-emerged.
Barbara Williams, 81, from Cheshire, stood next to the protesters in the crowd and said she felt “a bit shaken after it.”
She said she and her friend Andrea Machin, 56, had been “standing next to them all day”.
“They were already here when we arrived at 07:00 [and] they had shopping trolleys with them,” Ms. Machin said.

As everyone was focusing on the bride and groom, we suddenly noticed someone orange carrying what appeared to be a fire extinguisher. “When the cops realized what was happening, they promptly hauled them out.
“It happened just as William was coming out of the door.”
Weddings are “a time of coming together in celebration to commit to the future,” but for “countless millions around the world, there is no future unless we come together to stop oil and gas,” the protestors claimed in a statement released by Just End Oil.

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Due to the Grosvenor family’s “long and close personal connection to both the cathedral and the city,” a spokeswoman for the duke and Ms. Henson stated that their decision to marry in Chester meant “a lot” to them.
The pair, according to them, “made a conscious effort to involve local and regional suppliers in several aspects of the day”.
“The couple have also been moved by the messages of support they have received from around the region and are hugely grateful that people want to share in their happiness,” they said.

final Paragraph of Duke of Westminster wedding

The couple has supported the city’s annual Summer Flowers initiative, planting 100,000 flowers for the wedding festivities. They have also paid for three small local businesses to provide free ice cream and sorbet to guests of Chester city centre during the day.
Among those enjoying a complimentary scoop of ice cream was Poppy, a student at the University of Chester.
“It’s great to see the people and the businesses together,” the speaker remarked.

“It’s enjoyable to get the students out in the city and involved,” she said.
After his father passed away in 2016, the duke inherited the Grosvenor Estate at the age of 25, and the couple, who had been dating for two years, announced their engagement in April 2023.