Brenda Warner Net Worth: Age, height, Husband and children


Welcome the In this article, I will talk about Brenda Warner net worth, how she started her career, husband, and children.

In our previous post, I talked about Brooke Daniells’ net worth and her romantic life with actress Catherine Bell. You can check that one out. Brenda warner is the wife of ex-national football star Kurt warner.

Despite his husband’s huge success and accomplishment in the game of sports, Brenda seems not to be living her life at the back of her husband’s name but channeling her energy into her career.

Brenda is an ex-marine worker who had to later branch into the health sector job inspired by his son’s deformity. Brenda has since then been using her position as a health worker to be assisting millions of people.

Before I discuss Brenda Warner net worth with you, let’s first take a look at her profile summary below:

Brenda Warner Net Worth Summary

NameBrenda Carney Warner
Date Of BirthJune 17, 1967
Age55 Years Old
Height5 Feet 6 Inches
HusbandKurt Warner
ProfessionAuthor, Philanthropist, Army officer, Orator
Net Worth$1 Million
Last Updated2022
Brenda Warner Net Worth Summary

Early life and career

Born and raised in the western side of Virginia, under the tutelage of her parents. Brenda was part of a group of girls who would always go and chant songs for the school athletic team when they were going to tournaments.

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Raised in a God-fearing home, she was also an active member of the school’s scripture union team who always went around sharing the gospel.
She joined the American marine after school where she passed out successfully and started serving the states.

It was in her marine work she met her first love Neil was also a marine worker, the duo began a romantic relationship which later ended in marriage. They were blessed with two kids which they nearly lost the elderly one when he was only a few months old.

He slipped from Neil’s hand and crushed his head on the floor, an accident that nearly took away his life hadn’t not been for the timely intervention of the doctors. He survived but became blind in the eyes forcing her mum to retire from her profession.

Inspired by her son’s health, Brenda enrolled in nursing school where she studied hard to become a nurse.

So what’s Brenda Warner net worth today?

What Is Brenda Warner Net Worth?

Brenda Warner currently has a net worth of $1 million an amount she made from her many years as a marine worker and also a medical practitioner. His husband Kurt is reportedly worth $30 million since retiring from the game and currently works as a broadcaster.

The couple live in a million-dollar mansion with their kids and own several businesses across the country.

Who Is Brenda warner’s Husband?

The couple met at the time they were both pursuing their career interest, Kurt at that time was a newbie in the NFL game with Brenda a student nurse. Brenda once said “I did not want to meet a man. I was going to nursing school. I was discharged from the Marine Corps, a single mom, on food stamps. It was a tough time in my life.

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They began dating although Brenda was four years older than Kurt, he was perched by Brenda in her apartment where he managed to develop a strong relationship with Brenda’s kids.

Brenda said “When I walked out, and he was wrestling on the floor with Zach, the way he looked at my son with pure love, no judgment, no expectation, just loved him, that’s all it took for me,” she said. “He fell in love with my kids before he fell in love with me.

That’s when I knew he was worthy of being in our lives, of our love.” They got married in 1997 a year after Brenda lost her parent to a tornado disaster that destroyed their house.

Does Brenda Warner Have Children?

Brenda presently has seven children which she had the first two Zach and Jesse with her ex-husband Neil. After marrying Kurt they had five more kids namely kade, Jada, Jo, Elijah, sienna, and sierra. They all currently live under the same roof with Kurt acting as a dad to Zach and Jesse.

Where Does Kurt And Brenda Warner Live?

In June of this year, Kurt and Brenda moved their family of seven children to Scottsdale and put the Paradise Valley home up for sale. They outgrew the home which they bought before Brenda knew she was pregnant with the twins.

How Old Is Brenda warner?

Born on the year 17th of June,1967 Brenda is currently 55 years of old making her four years old than her husband who is 51.

Does Brenda Warner Have Cancer?

No. Brenda Warner does not have cancer, and there are no reports cited. Brenda Warner’s haircut has always drawn the attention of fans, whether she has cancer or not. However, she enjoys getting a cute haircut and keeping a simple style with a few grey hairs.

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“It’s just hair,” she said to the Associated Press. “People make such a big deal about how I look, but I’ve had nothing done. The only thing that’s changed is my hair. And I have to have it colored every three weeks.”

How Tall Is Brenda Warner?

Brenda Warner stands at 5 Feet 6 Inches and weighs 62 Kg.