Jeanie Buss Net Worth: career, family, divorce, and feud with brother


Jeanie Buss net worth according to Forbes rating is $ 500 million making her one of the richest female business owners in the world. Currently the president of the NBA team Los Angeles and other sports businesses, she took over from his father who laid a good foundation for her.

In our write on showbiztom today, we shall look at Jeanie Buss net worth alongside her career, family, divorce, and feud with her brother. Tighten up your seat belt as I take you through the life story of one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the sports world.

Who Is Jeanie Buss?

Jeanie is the biological daughter of the late American millionaire and business mogul Dr. Jerry Buss who left his business in the hands of his children after his death. Despite being a female she has been able to control the NBA business empire coupled with other sports investments which she is doing very well with.


Full Name Jeanie Marie Buss
Known asJeanie Buss
Date of birth September 26, 1961
Age61 years
Nationality American
Profession Businesswoman
Parents Joann and Jerry Buss
Siblings Lee, Johnny, Jim, Janie, Karen Demel, Joey, Jesse,
Partner Steve Timmons(m. 1990; div. 1993), Phil Jackson (1999–2016), Jay Mohr
Net worth $ 500 million

early life

Jeanie was born on September 26, 1961, in California into a very affluent family with his father Jerry Buss who was a renowned businessman and millionaire with a supportive wife called Joana. She together with her three siblings were raised under the guidance of both parents till they divorced. Despite their divorce, their parents made sure they co-parented very effectively to ensure they all had a good upbringing devoid of any hardships. A California born lady, she had all her education there and graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

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After being brought up in a business family and watching how his father managed a big NBA empire, Jeanie followed in her father’s footsteps in the sports business. Through the mentorship of his father, Jeanie was able to contribute her quota to the Los Angeles empire where she held many administrative positions from being the President of Great Western Forum. After a few years went to the governing and operating departments to have a deep knowledge of how each department operates.

Due to her hard work and dedication, she earned several recognitions such as making it to the list of the World’s most powerful and influential female sports personnel. Jeanie was later promoted to the president of the Los Angeles business after the demise of her father. Despite being the youngest she took the big position and made huge changes in the roles of some employees. Aside from her NBA business, she co-owns the women wrestling alongside Davide McLane.

meet her family

her father

Currently dead, Dr. Jerry Buss worked as a chemist in many big institutions before finally calling it quit to venture into business. Jerry’s main business investments were in real estate and NBA which he purchased the Los Angeles team. A chronic womanizer and heavy drinker, right from his youthful age to old age, Jerry was caught several times engaged in extramarital affairs which later led to him divorcing his wife. He died in 2013 after a long battle with cancer and kidney issues.

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her brother

Jim Buss was born on born November 9, 1959, a also a shareholder in the Los Angeles empire, before joining the family business he was an astute investor and businessman. He worked hand in hand with his father and siblings in the administration of their business.

her brother

Johnny Buss born October 18, 1956, he is the elderly brother of Jeanie and also a shareholder in the Los Angles empire who also holds an enviable position there.

feud with brother

Jeanie did the unthinkable by firing his elder brother Jim from the Los Angeles empire in 2021 and bringing in retired NBA player Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka to replace him. Jeanie’s reason was that his brother wasn’t playing his role well as expected of him, which made things start getting bad so she had to take that tough decision. The issue didn’t sit well with Jim which resulted in a rift between them

marriage and divorce

Jeanie married retired volleyball player Steve David Timmons in 1990 but divorced after three due to not being able to have enough time for him. She then dated retired basketball player and coach Phil Jackson whom they lived together for more than a decade. They broke after 17 years due to the nature of their work and Jeanie’s brother Jim making Phil uncomfortable.

He is currently dating comedian Jay Mohr with whom he mostly flaunts on her social media page.

jeanie buss net worth

Jeanie Buss net worth is estimated by Forbes to be around $ 500 million, despite being born into a successful family she hustled hard to earn recognition. Her late father mentored and gave her all the business guidance and also investment tips.

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Currently holding the president role at the Los Angles sports empire he has brought massive change in the empire since her father’s demise. Jeanie is also the co-founder of women’s wrestling and makes good money from that too.

She is of the view that women should also be allowed to take part in sporting activities and has the full support of entertainment company Viacom CBS. She owns a $ 2.6 million mansion in Los Angeles which has several rooms and a big car park. With all these investments it not surprising Jeanie Buss net worth stands tall.

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Some FAQS about Jeanie Buss

does jeanie buss have kids?

No Jeanie never had kids of her own.

how many of jeanie’s siblings work in the Los Angeles?

Currently only five of them after the firing of Jim Buss.