Liver king net worth: career, family, legal suit and use of steroids


Liver King net worth as of the year 2023 is $ 12 million after the legal action taken against him a few years ago. Popularly known on the internet as a fitness coach and entrepreneur always preaching about good eating habits, he has also been able to amass wealth out of his craft.

Beyond Liver King net worth we shall also look at his career, family, legal suit and use of steroids. If you have been dying to know a lot about your favorite fitness coach then read this article to the end and trust me you would get to know him better.

who is liver king?

Liver King is a Youtuber whose content is mainly centered on fitness and also sticking to the right diet to always be in good shape. A meat lover which he claims is good although it has been criticised for being very detrimental to his health. He has over a million subscribers who always watch his teachings.


Real Name Brian Johnson
Nickname Liver King
Date of birth 7th July,1977
Age 45 years
Nationality American
Profession Fitness coach, Youtuber & entrepreneur
Spouse Barbara Johnson
Children Styker Johnson and Rad Johnson
Net worth $ 12 million

early life

Born on 7 July 1977 in Texas where he had all his basic education and high school education before finally dropping out of the university. Brian unlike other children didn’t grow up to experience father love as his biological dad passed away when he was little, letting him be raised by his mum and stepdad.

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Being a healthcare enthusiast from childhood, Brian worked briefly with a pharmaceutical company before finally branching into fitness coaching. A skinny child during his school days which saw him being ridiculed on several occasions, he started a weight lifting and diet journey which added more flesh to his skin.

He then created a YouTube channel where he always encouraged his followers to stick to a healthy life routine by working out and eating raw meat guts.

At one point, his health teachings was heavily criticized by health experts who deemed his diet lifestyle very dangerous for the human body.


Brian is happily married to Barbara popularly known as Liver Queen is a certified dentist by profession and are blessed with two kids Styker Johnson and Rad Johnson. Just like his husband, she is also a fitness enthusiast and very much concerned about what she consumes.

Barbara is mostly seen on her Instagram page posting videos of her workout routine and diet. The couples have also made sure that their kids also stick to their style of dieting.

steroid usage and legal suit

Liver King was sued for $ 25 million for deceiving his million followers that he achieved his masculine physique from the consumption of his Ancestral Supplements. Liver King has on several occasions used his platform to educate his followers to consume raw liver and raw meat as it would help them get bigger biceps.

It was later an email of him confessing to taking in $ 11,000 worth of steroids leaked online. He was then criticized for always promoting an unhealthy lifestyle very detrimental to his follower’s health.

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liver king net worth

Liver King net worth currently sits at $ 12 million although they have been unconfirmed reports that it’s $100 million. After dropping out of the University, he worked briefly with a pharmaceutical company before moving on to entrepreneurship.

He together with his wife Barbara runs an empire of businesses ranging from the selling of health supplements, books and animal husbandry. He lives a very frugal lifestyle and doesn’t drive expensive cars but lives with his family in a very simple mansion in Texas.

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Some FAQS about Liver King

how old are liver king’s children?

They are 16 and 14 respectively.

what is liver king’s wife profession?

She is a dentist and entrepreneur.

what is liver king net worth as of 2023?

Liver King net worth is currently $ 12 million although they are unconfirmed reports its $100 million.