Shocking video: widely recognized Kwadee performing.


Shocking video: widely recognized Kwadee performing. Okomfuor Kwadee may have foretold his own life in “Ofie Nipa” since a recent performance video reveals a decline in his mental state despite all prior efforts to keep him in check and sane.

In a recent video, the rapper appears disheveled while playing in front of an audience at an event. As Kwadee joyfully sang his hit song “Meyere Anaa Mpena,” he was dressed in slides and a singlet over jeans that he had rolled up to his knees. 

Fans and worried social media users have expressed their sadness and disappointment over how things have turned sour for the gifted singer, who was regarded years ago as the look was nothing worth a Ghanaian icon.

“Oh No! God be gracious. So devastating, Charlie. Among our most skilled narrators. Rapper Trigmatic from Ghana said, “I hope this isn’t him,” after watching the post below. Rapper Opanka continued, saying, “This is heartbreaking; I hope he gets all the help he needs to heal.” Life can be erratic.” 

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Shocking video: widely recognized Kwadee performing. (credit nkonkonsa)

For several years, the Ghanaian rapper, who is regarded as a Hip Life icon, has struggled with mental health issues. He’s been committed to a rehabilitation home a few times because of reports linking his drug and alcohol misuse to his mental disorder.

But something needs to be fixed. In 2020, a fellow rapper named Lord Kenya, who later turned to evangelism, paid Kwadee a visit to a private rehabilitation facility in the Ashanti region and assured him that plans were in place for a speedy recovery. 

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Now, it’s unclear how Kwadee has once again lost his mind. It’s also not shocking because he’s publicly acknowledged that he will never be able to give up smoking.

In an interview with Bola Ray in 2018, the musician received a challenge to give up marijuana use. Kwadee retorted, stating that he would find it very challenging to give up smoking.

He went on to say that even if he quit using marijuana, they would still find him smoking something else. “I don’t give it to random people, even if I smoke. Kwadee declared, “I’ll give up marijuana for a week, but you can catch me on another tree.” 

Okomfour Kwadee

Jerry Anaabaa, better known on stage as Okomfour Kwaadee is a native of Navrongo, which is in Ghana’s Upper East Region. He attended Kumasi’s Martyrs of Uganda Preparatory School before continuing his schooling at Navrongo Senior Secondary School.

Kwaadee, Okomfour Kwaadee’s debut album, contained a track of the same name and marked his significant debut in the music world. This album offered Ghanaian hiplife music a new perspective and showcased his unique talent.

He expertly blended modern rhymes with ancient lyrics and stories, evocating the Ghanaian storytelling custom called “anansesem.” This unique combination entertained audiences of all ages while dispensing guidance and insightful life lessons. 

With hits like “Kwaadee/Aboro ne Bayie” and “Ataa Adwoa” from his commercially successful debut album, he became well-known in the music business very soon.

His next album, “Metoa Su,” garnered even more recognition and resulted in more Ghana Music Awards nominations. Despite his lack of success initially, he was rewarded for his persistence in 2007 when his song “Ka Wonan To Su” took home the Ghana Music Award for Best Original Song/Lyrics. 

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