Anthony Levandowski Net Worth: career, legal battle, and bankruptcy


Anthony Levandowski net worth is currently -$ 20 million after the many debts and lawsuits he is currently going through. The embattled Engineer was once worth $ 100 million but lost all through debts and courts cases. In our article today, we shall look at Anthony Levandowski net worth alongside his early life, career, legal battle, and bankruptcy.

Hang around as showbiz takes you through how the one-time successful engineer lost it all due to breach of trade secrets and pick some lessons from it.

Who Anthony Levandowski?

Anthony is an auto engineer of French descent who founded the self-car driving company Waymo but was later on hit with a series of debt and legal issues which have currently rendered him financially handicapped.


Full Name Anthony Levandowski
Date of birth March 15, 1980
Age 43years
Nationality French/American
Height 198cm
Weight 75kg
ParentsMike Levandowski and Lynn Settler
Siblings Three
Net worth -$ 20 million

early life

Anthony was born on March 15, 1980, in Belgium to Mike Levandowski and Lynn Settler who were both successful in their chosen fields. His father was an engineer who worked with a very big firm with his mother was a diplomat who also worked in a big institution. He together with three siblings experienced a very good upbringing till he moved to the USA to further his education.

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An I.t and engineer enthusiast, Anthony started his career as an engineer and I.t personal right from a very young age partaking in engineering projects and also developing I.t products. In his days in school, he developed mind-blowing I.t and robotics projects like BillSortBot, La Raison, and Ghostrider. Anthony’s intelligence in the technology and engineering field caught the eye of search engine company Google who employed him on their team.

During his time he was part of the implementation of several of their projects such as Street View, and a driverless car project called Waymo. He later left Google to pursue his independent projects and came up with Otto but sold it off to the Uber company.

legal battle

Anthony after exiting Google was hit with a series of lawsuits for the reason been stealing Google’s trade secrets to implement his Otto company. The act led to Uber company compensating Google for a very huge amount worth over a million dollars. He was hit by Google with multiple charges for breach of confidentiality in business and was fined a thousand dollars.

Anthony allegedly traded secrets from Google auto room to Uber which later resulted in a serious legal battle between both parties. After pleading guilty to the charges, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison with $ 756,499.22 and a $ 95,000 fine respectively. Lucky for him Ex-president Donald Trump granted him a pardon which saw him being released.


Anthony declared bankruptcy at the height of his many legal battles after he was ordered by the court to pay $ 179 million to Google. He won the bankruptcy plan which made him not pay that amount despite his $50 million to $100 million in estimated assets

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personal life

Anthony isn’t married and has no kids of his own. Media has also not been able to sight pictures of his girlfriend.

Anthony Levandowski net worth

Anthony Levandowski net worth is currently estimated to be -$ 20 million after filing for bankruptcy during his legal battle. The young man who has a rich CV of working for Google and has also been the brain of several mind-blowing projects was one of the highest-earning workers at Google.

His projects BillSortBot, La Raison, and Ghostrider fetched him millions of dollars even before he entered the corporate world. Anthony Levandowski net worth before all the charges were rumored to be around $ 50-$ 100 million with millions of dollars in assets.

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Some FAQs on Anthony Levandowski

which year did Anthony Levandowski leave google?

He left in 2016.

is Anthony Levandowski married?

No he is bachelor and there is no news of him dating.