Alan Rickman net worth: early life, career, family, health battle and death


Alan Rickman net worth is $16 million as of 2023. Despite his demise, the legendary actor has left behind a chunk of his wealth that can keep his family going.

In our writeup today, we shall look at Alan Rickman net worth and also his early life, career, family, health battle, and, death.

Who is Alan Rickman?

Alan was an award-winning British actor and director who throughout his three decades in the film industry gave his fans countless action and good storyline movies.

He also won many awards to his credit due to his excellent way of directing and acting


Full Name Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman
Date of birth February 21, 1946
Death January 14, 2016
Profession Director, actor
Nationality British
Wife Rima Horton
Siblings David Michael, Sheila
God son Tom burke
Net worth $ 16 million

Early life

Born in London on February 21, 1946, into a family of four children. Alan’s father worked as a handyman in several fields whiles his mother was a homemaker.

Life turned sour for the family after the sudden demise of his father which made all the responsibilities being left on the mother’s shoulders. Alan’s mother remarried but the marriage folded up after a short while.

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He had all his education in London where he developed a strong passion for arts and paintings at a very young age. Which led him to read design at both the Chelsea College of arts and design and also Royal college of arts respectively.


Alan started working as a professional graphic designer at the beginning of his career where he had the chance of working with several big magazine companies. He then established a joint graphic designing business with his colleagues which was doing pretty well till he opted to quit and pursue acting.

Alan started as a set stylist where he dressed many notable actors during their set works before finally moving on to do theatre works. His first on-stage performance was Romeo and Juliet where he impressed the crowd with his acting skills.

Alan made headlines after featuring on the project ”The Barchester chronicles” which earned received a lot of positive reviews all across the country.

Impressed with his acting skills, Alan began getting many movie roles in Robin Hood, Harry Porter, and, Truly.

Due to his charisma and deep voice on stage, he got nominated for several prestigious awards which he was able to sweep some home. Some of the awards won were the BAFTA best actor award and the PrimeTime Emmy award.

Alan also directed his movie A ‘little chaos’ which he was able to get Kate Winslet and Stanley Tucci in it.

Alan’s deep voice has earned him huge recognition on several big platforms and has also seen been featured on many projects.

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Personal life

Alan married his childhood sweetheart Rima Horton after several years of dating in 2012.

Rima worked as a politician with ties with the Labour party and also a former University lecturer. Aside from the lecturing job she held several political positions in her party including a Councillor and a Chief whip.

Despite the couple’s many years of companionship, they never had offspring of their own.

Actor Tom Burke was Alan’s godson and the former regarded him as a very strong influence in his career and also a family

Health battle and death

Alan Rickman battled severely with his health but managed to keep straight face and hid it from the public. He battled prostate cancer during the shooting of the Harry Porter movie but kept it a secret from the public.

He then had a mild stroke in 2015 and also pancreatic cancer which he told only his close friends and family. Due to his deteriorating health, Alan paused all movie activities in order not to put a strain on himself.

He passed away on January 16, 2016, after losing the battle with cancer, his body was incinerated and remains were given to his wife.

Alan Rickman net worth

Alan Rickman net worth currently sits at $ 16 million thanks to his many movie projects including the Harry porter and Barchester chronicles.

The late actor was reportedly paid millions of dollars for his role in harry porter and Barchester chronicles.

He owned a million-dollar house in New York and also a 3 million pounds mansion in London.

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Some FAQs about Alan Rickman

what is alan rickman net worth?

Alan Rickman net worth is worth $16 million years after his demise.

how many kids did alan rickman have?

Alan never had children of his own.

which year did alan rickman die?

He died on January 14,2016 after battle with pancreatic cancer.