Elizabeth Dole net worth: early life, career, husband’s death, philanthropic acts


Elizabeth Dole net worth currently sits at $ 50 million made from her politics, writing career, and smart investments. In our article today, you will beyond Elizabeth dole net worth read about her early life, career, husband’s death, philanthropic acts, and impact at the red cross.

Trust me when I tell you it won’t be boring on this page today.

Who is Elizabeth Dole?

Elizabeth is an American politician, writer, and philanthropist who served in the Ex-president bush’s government. Her late husband Bob Dole was also a politician who held several big positions before his demise.


Real NameMary Elizabeth Alexander Hanford Dole
Known asElizabeth dole
Date of birth July 29, 1936
Age 86years
Nationality American
Husband Bob dole
StepdaughterRobin Dole
Occupation Politician, legal practitioner Philanthropist, and writer
Political party Republican
Net worth $50 million

Early life

Born and raised in the Northern part of California, Elizabeth was a brainy student who always pulled good grades from school. She was awarded free tuition after graduating with a good class from her first degree. She then went on to obtain a law certificate after bagging her master’s.


A political science graduate who was a bit knowledgeable about political matters, she had her first job offer with the Democratic Party holding serving as a staffer at both the presidency and Secretary for health and education.

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Elizabeth then switched to the opposition party Republican due to her husband being a member there. It paved way for her to hold the secretaryship position under both President Reagan and President Bush.

She then attempted the Presidency primaries but was unsuccessful losing to President Bush. She then contested the senate seat in her hometown North Carolina which she floored her opponent Erskine Bowles and was crowned the winner. After serving for almost seven she was defeated in the next re-election.

Impact at red cross

Elizabeth left a great mark during her eight-year tenure with the red cross providing disaster-stricken states with basic amenities and also adequate financial assistance. She through her leadership also provided healthcare facilities and financial aid to people battling terminal diseases.

Philanthropic works

After many years of serving, Elizabeth branched into philanthropic works where she supports veteran nannies who take care of ex-servicemen who are battling physical, mental, and health issues sustained during their days of serving.

Meet her family

Her late husband

Born Robert Joseph Dole on July 22, 1923, he worked as a serviceman before going into the law field and finally into politics under the Republic party. He was also a former presidential aspirant and held the senate seat for more than a decade and was the brain behind many policies that favored the people.

After exiting politics he ventured into the entertainment business where he was cast on several television programs such as ”Saturday night live”, ”Suddenly Susan” and the daily show with Jon Stewart. Bob also worked as a brand ambassador for several top organizations where he was their mouthpiece addressing their issues in public.

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Despite not being able to have kids with Elizabeth, Bob was a proud father of one from his previous relationship with Phyllis Holden. Their daughter is called Robin.

Bob had it tough with his health undergoing a series of surgery to correct bones and heart problems. He passed in 2021 after a long battle with cancer.

Elizabeth Dole net worth

Elizabeth dole net worth currently sits at $ 50 million made from the many enviable positions held in government. She was earning a fat salary of $148,400 during her tenure as a Senator of North Carolina.

She also invested a part of her money into real estate and stocks which fetches her millions every month and annually. She also earns some good royalties from her books ”Hearts Touched by Fire” and The Doles Unlimited Partners.

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Some FAQs about Elizabeth dole

how many kids does elizabeth dole have?

She never had kids of her own but was a stepmother to her late husband’s daughter Robin.

what party does elizabeth dole belongs to?

She is a repulican.

which year did her husband bob dole die?

He died in 2021.