Suzanne Trudelle Thune, wife Of Nick Thune


Who is Suzanne Trudelle Thune? She is a celebrity wife who is a very modest person who prefers to keep her personal life out of the spotlight, she only occasionally appears in her husband Nick Thune’s posts.

Suzanne is known as a celebrity who enjoys the celebrity that surrounds her husband from afar, but she is there to assist Nick from behind the scenes, something that the comedian appreciates.

The comedian has talked about how his wife assisted him in many different stages of his life in his renowned Comedy Central special show Nick Thune: Good Guy.

Full NameSuzanne Trudelle Thune
Birth DateN/A
HusbandNick Thune (m. February 24, 2008-present)
Childrenone male
Famous as the wife of Nick Thune

age of suzanne trudelle thune

The celebrity is known to keep her personal affairs private and tries to fit in. As a result, her exact birth date and birthplace remain low profile.

She is, however, originally from the United States. She appears to be in her 30’s and is known to be a Christian. She has siblings as well but no information is known about them too.

She appears to be a well-educated woman and based on her age, she may be a graduate unless she is a college dropout. This personality may have finished high school at the neighborhood school. Suzanne Trudelle Thune is her full name.

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Suzanne is very close with her in-laws, her father-in-law is Erik Thune, and her mother-in-law is Cindy Thune.

Her husband, Nick Thune was conceived on December 8, 1979. Erik Thune and Cindy Thune gave birth to Thune in Seattle, Washington.

He was raised in Redmond, King County, Washington, together with his sister and two identical brothers. His nationality is American, and he is a White Caucasian.

her career

As we mentioned earlier, Suzanne is very secretive about her detail. Thune hasn’t given interviews to any media from where we might get information about her personal life.

Trudelle gained huge limelight after she married Nicholas Ivan Thune, aka Nick Thune. Suzanne is known as a Celebrity Wife rather than her profession, which is still unknown to the public.

Talking about her husband’s career, Nick is a well-known actor known for his portrayals as Guitar Salesman in Extract, Beardo at Bar in Venom, Alison’s Friends in Knocked Up, and Dave in Dave Made a Maze.

Some of his other portrayals are Randy in The Possession of Hannah Grace, Danny in Urge, Casey in WTF America, and many more.

suzanne trudelle thune personal life

The husband of Suzanne Trudelle Thune exists. Nick Thune is her spouse, and the couple has two kids. Suzanne and Nick were married on February 24, 2008, and they have been together ever since. As previously said, Suzanne hardly ever discusses her personal life in public.

She and her husband, Nick, said they had a kid in a December 2016 interview with Mashable. During the conversation, Nick stated that finding out he would become a dad for the first time has improved his viewpoint on life.

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Nick continued by saying that after learning they are expecting a kid, everyone experiences comparable changes.

He carefully guards the details of his relationship with Suzanne Truddle Thune and their child. Nick exclusively posts content on social media that is linked to his job.

Suzanne Trudelle’s net worth

Her approximate net worth of Suzanne Trudelle Thune is unknown. Trudelle Thune is a subdued individual. It is estimated that she is worth $100,000.

The husband of Suzanne Trudelle Thune, Nick Thune, is worth $400,000. Nick has amassed a sizable net worth over the course of his career as a comedian, actor, and musician. Meanwhile, an investigation into his financial standing and sources of income is ongoing.

suzanne trudelle thune social media

Suzanne  Thune doesn’t show her presence on any social media sites, but her husband Nick Thune has massive followers on social sites. Nick is present under username @nickthune with around 59.5k followers on Instagram.


Not much is known about the celebrity wife all we know is she is there and we promise to update you should we find anything about her.

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Below are some FAQs.

what is suzanne thune net worth?

Her net worth is not known yet.

How old is suzanne thune?

Her actual age is not know but it is believed that she is in her 30s as of the time of writing.