Top 10 Most Expensive Violins


A violin is a musical instrument that is controlled by being placed on the shoulder and played with a stick to give out an ear-pleasing sound. As the saying goes that where words leave off, music begins. Normally violins are played at executive dinner parties and wedding programs when the environment around them becomes quiet.

Normally in the European and American countries people good at playing it are mostly hired to play them on grand occasions. Well, today we shall ride you through the list of top 10 most expensive violins in the world. Some day if you want to have a nice dinner party with your family you can use this article as a reference to get the best one

The Messiah

Still taking the number position on the top 10 most expensive violins list, the messiah violin was made by the late Italian craftsman Antonio Stradivari who gained huge prominence for always crafting musical instruments. After his demise, the violin found its way into the possession of several buyers and is currently in the England museum without any scratch or damage. It is valued at around $ 20 million due to it being rare to come by.

The Vieuxtemps

The next on our list is the Vieuxtemps Guarneri made by Italian luthier Bartolomeo Giuseppe Guarneri who was said to be a long-time foe of Stradivari due to the two of them being the most sort after luthier in the country. After more than 200 years of its existence, it was bought by an unknown person for an amount of $ 16 million by one of the world’s most sort after violinist Anne Akiko Meyers. Anne fell in love with the gift that not only plays at shows but has soo much joy in her heart having something from a legend in his possession.

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The Lady Blunt by Stradivari

Another product from the desk of Antonio Stradivari which at the point was named The ‘Lady Blunt due to been owned by Anne Blunt who was the child of world refined programmer Ada Lovelace. It was later owned by the Japanese music organization Nippon Music Foundation who purchased it for $ 10 million. After three years in their possession, they also sold it off for a sum of $15.9 million to raise funds to support Japanese people affected by natural disasters.

The Carrodus by Guarneri

Another powerful violin crafted by Giuseppe Guarneri which was tagged as a very valuable asset due to the features included in it. It had the Carrodus name after being bought by British violinist John Carrodus who was a beast when it came to the playing violin. Years later it was gifted to the leader of Australian Chamber Orchestrator Richard Tognetti who has for the past three decades left a great mark in the music industry worldwide. It was bought at an amount of $ 10 million which Richard Tognetti appreciates the buyer for that.

The Mary Portman

Currently given to Spanish Francisco Fullana to use for a short while, the violin which is a product of Guarneri had a change of name after been woned by Mary Portman. Young Fransisco caught the eye of The Stradivari Society of Chicago who were thrilled by his control on the violin during his time at school. To acknowledge his hard work and talent he has been granted permission to use it. It costs $ 10 million.

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The Kochanski

If there is one luthier who should be honored greatly for producing very expensive musical instruments that generations to come will see then it’s Guarneri. After several years it is still in good shape without any form of damage which confirms that Guarneri took time to craft it and also includes good durable materials. It had the name Kochanski after it was owned by Paul Kochanski a Polish violinist who plied his trade all across Europe and America.

It later ended up with American violinist Aaron Rosand who used it for more than 50 years before selling it to an anonymous Russian billionaire for $ 10 million. A part of the money was given to his former place of work the Curtis Institute of Music. It made it to the top 10 most expensive violins list.

The lord wilton

Currently owned by retired IT personnel David Fulton who doubles as a musical instrument fan, the lord Wilton violin costs $ 6 million. You know no one would splash their millions on a fake thing, the violin after years of being used by Seymour Egerton and Yehudi Menuhin still looks fresh. Well, what do you expect if Guarneri creates a product it is always valuable.

The La Pucelle

Another violin owned by David Fulton, was created by Italian craftsman Stradivari and had a lot of good features in it. La Pucelle which means virgin in English was a name given to it by violin repairer Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume who realized he was the first person to service it since Stradivari made it. David Fulton who has more than 10 expensive violins homes splashed $ 6 million to get it

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The Dolphin by Stradivari

Currently given to Taiwan violinist Ray Chen for long-term use by the Nippon Music Foundation. The young instrumentalist is the happiest man on earth after owning g violin that not only costs $ 6 million but has been used by legendary violinist, Jascha Heifetz. The violin got the name due to it being shaped like a dolphin.

The Ex-Szigeti

As soon as you hear the Szigeti the next thing that comes into your mind is that it is a Hungarian word yes you are right but it was manufactured by Antonio Stradivari. It got the Hungarian name because it was owned by Hungarian violinist Joseph Szigeti who started playing violin right from a young age. The violin till date gives a good sound when played and was bought by L-Bank Baden Wurttemberg and concludes the list of top 10 most expensive violins in the world.

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which country are the violin makers from?

Antonio Stradivari and Giuseppe Guarneri are from Italy.

what is the highest selling violin?

The Messiah Violin which also takes the first position on top 10 most expensive violins.