10 most expensive cognacs


Cognac is an alcoholic beverage made from the vigorous fermentation of fruits and is distilled in a plain bottle afterward. Over the years we have seen top cognac companies like Remy Martin, Hennessey, and Martel ruling the cognac business. Just like how tequila is a popular wine made and consumed in Mexico, Cognac’s headquarters is in France and has currently penetrated all the European markets.

Due to some of them having a very huge price tag, they have been featured in auctions and also used to shoot commercials. In our article today, we shall look at the 10 most expensive cognacs in the world. If you are a cognac fan or looking to trade in that business then this article is certainly for you.

Croizet 1858 Cuvee Leonie

Featured in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s most expensive cognac ever to be sold at an auction for $156,700.The 1858 Cognac Croizet Cuvée Léonie is the real definition of old wine that always tastes the best as it has been around since 1858. Despite its longevity in the wine industry, it still hasn’t lost its sweet taste.

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Gautier 1762 Cognac

Sold for $ 146,000 during its auction, it takes the second spot on the 10 most expensive cognacs in the world. The Gautier 1762 Cognac is one of the oldest living drinks that has been around for over a century and still has lovers of its splashing their millions to get one. The buyer was also given a free excursion in the Gautier 1762 Cognac wine company.

Martell Extra Cognac Bottled 1950s – Baccarat Michelangelo Decanter

The 10 most expensive cognac lists can’t be compiled without the martel included, that would be a very big disservice to the martel brand. Martell Extra Cognac Bottled 1950s – Baccarat Michelangelo Decanter has also been around for more than five decades and still gives its consumers a throat-pleasing taste and was sold for $3,826.53 during its auction. Appearing in red color in a see-through bottle, the Martell label has been designed in the middle.

Jacques Hardy 1777 Grande Champagne Cognac

A cognac filled in a champagne-like bottle that has been around for more than 200 years is something you must give a try if you have a few dollars on you. History has it that it was a gift from the Yvon family to Jacques Hardy’s uncle James during his wedding. He in turn passed it over to Jacque before his demise and is reportedly priced at $51,658

Martell Savoir Faire Cognac

You know the French don’t disappoint when it comes to giving wine lovers the best wine, probably no country comes near them in my view. Well, the martel savoir-faire is a collaboration of five top wine blenders who have over the years been changing the face of cognac in France. It case and bottle alone is a sight to befall looking at how beautiful it has been designed. Those who bought it during its auction were allowed to have a sneak peek of the House of Martell. It is sold at $ 21,633

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hennessy 8 cognac

Aren’t you marveled already at how the Hennessey 8 Cognac has been designed? Shaped like a multinational organization’s office, it was specially made to celebrate the joint partnership of Hennessey and its master blender Fillioux. The duo have been working together for more than a century. The cognac costs $ 40,000 and makes it to the 10 most expensive cognacs list.

Louis XIII Rare Cask 42.1

With only 775 bottles produced for the whole world, it can be mistaken easily for a cologne if sighted from afar. It has been carefully designed in a mirror-like case with the bottle appearing in a black color. Louis XIII rare case is the only type of Remy Martin that saw many people trooping into their Venice venue to have a taste of it. It reportedly sells at $50,000 in the wine market.

remy martin louis xiii black pearl magnum

Remy Martin due to believing in the production of quality will forever top the list when it comes to the best cognac. Appearing in a silver bottle with the name written on the neck, the black pearl magnum contains a sweet-scented wine free from artificial products. Carefully blended from different kinds of eaux-de vie, consumers are assured of a healthy drink. It sold for $ 39,592 and can be purchased from the Remy Martin website.

Martell Premier Voyage

To celebrate their 300th year in the wine industry, Martell launched their new product Martell premier voyage which has a wooden support system. It was made with well-refined 18 eaux -de-vie free from artificial additions and is rare in the wine market. It costs 12,031 to get one from the market. Due to that it got featured in the 10 most expensive cognacs list.

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Hine Vintage 1992 Cognac

Assembled from a wide range of natural products such as blonde tobacco, lilac, ancient roses, and sticks, the vintage 1992 cognac is stand out amongst all the other cognac types mentioned earlier. After being around for over a century, the British made cognac still maintains its simplicity. It costs $ 780 per bottle.

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Some FAQs

which country are the best producers of cognac?

France tops the list as the best in cognac production.

what is the cheapest cognac?

The Hine vintage 1992 is the cheapest on the top 10 most expensive cognacs list priced at $ 780.