Ayahna cornish lowry: career, family and charity foundation


Ayahna Cornish Lowry is the legally wedded wife of NBA star Kyle Lowry, although she was also once an NBA player her career was short due to injury.

In our article today, we shall look at Ayahna Cornish Lowry early, career, family, net worth, and charitable deeds

Who is Ayahna cornish lowry?

Ayahna Cornish Lowry is a retired basketball player married to basketball star Kyle Lowry.

She currently works as a philanthropist where she supports the less privileged and financially handicapped people. She is of the view that everyone needs a push in life.


Full NameAyhana Cornish Lowry
Date of birth February 2, 1985
Nationality American
Occupationbasketball player retired, Philanthropist
Husband Kyle Lowry
Children Karter and Kameron
Net worth $5 million

Early life

Born and raised in Philadelphia on February 2, 1985. Ayhana had her basic and tertiary in Philadelphia where she played a very huge role in the school’s NBA team.


Ayahna started as an NBA player and dominated heavily in both his high school and university basketball team. Her charisma and strength on the field motivated her colleagues to always strive harder for a win.

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Ayahna led her team to win many matches and was also one of their top scorers. On two occasions, she picked the offensive player award and also the MVP award.

The narrative changed after some time when she suffered a serious injury causing her to hang the boots. It was one of her most emotional moments as she always envisioned pushing her career to the highest pinnacle and also representing her country.

Charitable deeds

After early retirement, Ayahna and his husband Kyle founded the Lowry Love foundation in 2013 which is geared toward changing people’s life.

Another motive of the foundation is to reach out to the less privileged people and poor people in Philadelphia and Toronto city.

The foundation since its inception has supplied many foodstuffs, clothes, and social amenities to many.

Beyond that, they provide people with correct mentorship programs which sort to inspire them to achieve great things in life.

The Lowry foundation also grooms upcoming basketball players and provides them with the necessary equipment to achieve their dreams.

Ayahna cornish Lowry’s family

Meet her husband

Born Terrell Lowry in Philadelphia on March 25, 1986. Kyle was brought up by his mother and grandmother although his dad wasn’t deceased he was never part f his life.

Kyle’s big brother was also influential in his growing up as he mentored him in basketball and made sure he lived a good life devoid of problems.

He began his career at the high school level and at the college level where he gave of very splendid performance. He won many awards and also help the school emerge victorious in many games.

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Kyle signed his first professional contract with the Memphis grizzles, he left a few years after he felt he wasn’t acknowledged.

He has since then played for several top teams including the Houston rockets, and Toronto raptors, and is currently with the Miami Heat.

He is also part of the USA basketball team and has helped them win several games in tournaments.

How Ayahna Cornsih lowry met her husband

The couple met during their high school days and began dating but suffered some setbacks causing them to almost give up on each other. They fought through and walked down the aisle in 2014. Since then their love has even grown stronger.

His first son

Karter Lowry is the couple’s first son born on August 2011 which makes him 11 years currently.

He is mostly seen with his mother and little brother in the stands cheering on their father during games.

Kyle is very protective over his kids and mostly brings them around when granting interviews after games.

His second son

Kameron Lowry is the youngest of the couple’s two kids born in 2015. His parents mostly post him on their social media pages when celebrating his birthday.

Ayahna cornish Lowry’s Net worth

Despite not being able to take his career far, the Ayahna has been able to accumulate a net worth of $ 5 million. She invests much of her money into her charity work

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Some FAQs about Ayahna Cornish Lowry

Who is Ayahna Cornish Lowry?

She is the wife NBA star Kyle Lowry.

How many children does Ayahna Cornish Lowry have?

She has two two boys Karter and Kameron Lowry.

What does Ayahna Cornish Lowry do now?

She heads a foundation Lowry love foundation for assisting the needy.