Daddy Yankee Net Worth: career, marriage and infidelity allegations and charity


Daddy Yankee net worth accords to ratings stands at $ 40 million made from his music and acting career. Despite coming from a non-English speaking country, he has been able to penetrate the American music industry and won admirers from all across the world.

In our article today, we shall look at Daddy Yankee net worth coupled with other facts such as his career, marriage and infidelity allegations, assault on a player, and charitable deeds. Showbiztom got you covered on everything you are yearning to know about the Puerto Rican star.

who is daddy yankee?

Daddy Yankee is a puerto rican musician and actor whose works have been embraced in the American music industry. After climbing all the big stages and winning many awards he has plans underway to bow out of music.


Real Name Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez
Nickname Daddy Yankee
Date of birthFebruary 3, 1977
Age 46 years
Nationality Puerto Rican
Profession muscian and actor
Wife Mireddys González
Children Yamilette Ayala González, Jeremy&Jesaaelys
Net worth $ 40 million

early life

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, he was raised by an instrumentalist father and a nail technician mother who strived very hard to cater for him. Although he grew up watching his dad perform at concerts, his childhood dream was to be a baseball player. The dream was shuttered after a horrific shooting incident which led to him switching to music.

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Inspired by the legendary Vico C, Daddy started a career in reggaeton music with his first single being ”No Mercy”.Just like any upcomer, he did several mixtapes which were played on many Puerto Rican media platforms.

Daddy Yankee finally shot into the limelight with ‘El’ album which gained huge global recognition with the single “Latigazo” on it played on all American media platforms. His subsequent album ‘Barrio Fino,’ also broke the record as one of the best album non-English albums to ever be released. It paved the way for him to play multiple concerts all across the globe and also sold a million copies as fans couldn’t get enough of his Latino songs.

Daddy Yankee’s style of music has also earned him several prestigious awards such as the Latin Award and also YouTube’s most streamed artist. He has also had the honor of working with several top American stars such as Janet Jackson, Nas, and P.diddy. He has also made appearances in Puerto Rican movies such as Vampiros and Talento de Barrio where he displayed a top-notch performance.

marriage and infidelity allegations

Daddy Yankee has been married to Mireddys González for the past twenty years and are blessed with two kids Jeremy and Jesaaelys with Yankee having an elderly child from a previous relationship called Yamilette Ayala González. Despite keeping his family issues out of the public eye, he has been hit with allegations of infidelity which his wife came out to defend him.

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assault on a footballer

Daddy Yankee was in 2007 accused of assaulting footballer Daniel Adum with whom they both lodged in the same hotel in Ecuador. The musician who was in the company of his team attacked the footballer who confronted them on disturbing and also using marijuana. Yankee later came out to deny all those accusations leveled against him citing that he has never been a violent person.

charitable deeds

A man who has his country at heart, Yankee has supported several causes in Puerto Rico including assisting with the establishment of a recycling center. He also supported families who have been hit by the hurricane disaster with a hefty sum of money.

Daddy yankee net worth

Daddy Yankee net worth stands at $ 40 million, he is one of the most privileged and successful Puerto Rican musicians whose works have been accepted globally. His album Barrio Fino was one of his successful albums which made a million sales all across the world and paved the way for him to tour across the country.

He also signed a mouth-watering deal with Pepsi which he used to market their products although the money involved was never revealed to the public. Yankee also partnered with Reebok to produce his line of footwear, apparel, and accessories which also fetched him millions of dollars. He lives in a multi-million mansion in Luquillo which he once teamed up with an Airbnb company to give to people seeking places to spend the night.

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Some FAQS about Daddy Yankee

does daddy yankee still do music?

He actually has plans of drawing the curtains after his current tour in Puerto Rico which will end in 2023.

is daddy yankee still married?

Yes the musician is still married to Mireddys González his wife of over 20 years despite infidelity rumors.