Billy Unger height: career, net worth, arrest& lawsuit against his father


Billy Unger height has been a topic of discussion for quite a very long time now, with many die-hard fans of the young actor curiously searching for the right answer.

Thanks to showbiztom we have been able to get the actual height of him and would be revealed as you read through this article.

This article beyond Bill Unger height will also touch on his career, net worth, cause of arrest and, lawsuit against his father. Take a backseat as I take you through.

Who is Billy unger?

Billy Unger is a young American actor who made it to the scene with the comedy series Lab rats which have paved way for him to get featured in countless movies.

Despite being young he has had some controversies also surrounding him.


Real Name William Brent Unger
Nickname Billy Unger
Date of birth October 15, 1995
Age 27 years
Nationality American
Profession Actor, Singer
Height 173cm
Parents Karley pence&William Unger
Siblings Erin and Eric
Partner Angela Moreno
Children Devin and River
Net worth $400,0000

Early life

Born in Florida and raised in California, Billy is the second of his parent’s three children. He had all his education in California before proceeding to act in movies.

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Billy Unger started his career as a supporting act where he made appearances in movies such as Cop dog, medium, and you again.

His outstanding way of acting had him nominated for several prestigious awards which he managed to win. He picked the young artist award on three different occasions at the movie awards ceremonies.

He then played the role of Chase in season comedy and Adventure movie Lab rats: Elite force.

A movie with a storyline of Superheroes who protected people’s lives.

Cause of arrest

In 2014, TMZ reported the arrest of Billy Unger which threw social media and his die-hard fans into a frenzy mood.

He was put behind bars but released afterward. The reason was that he was drunk driving which was an unaccepted act in the law and also for his age.

Billy was only 18 years by then which led to him being put behind bars.

Lawsuit against father

In 2015, he sued his father Mr. William Unger for misappropriation of funds, Billy in his suit stated his dad splash his earnings from movies on his girlfriend.

He also spoke bitterly about how her dad always fought for a 30% share as a manager instead of being entitled to 10% according to the law.

Billy went on to say his father made himself the beneficiary of a one-million-dollar insurance policy that belonged to him.

His dad on the other hand denied ever blowing Billy’s money.

Personal life

After having several unsuccessful relationships in the past, Billy finally settled down with his girlfriend Angela Moreno. The young couple tied the knot in 2015 after many years of dating.

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Angela previously worked as a model before becoming his manager after he fired his father. The couple are proud parents of two children namely Devin born in 2012 and River born in 2018.

The actor is a very responsible father who doesn’t joke with his kids he usually posts pictures of them having fun in the house.

Billy Unger net worth

Billy net worth currently sits at $400,0000 which is earnings from her movies Cop dog, mental, and You again. His biggest earnings came from his feature on Lab rats: Elites force which he was reportedly paid big money.

Billy also made thousands of dollars from featuring in the naughty dog game Unchartered 3:Drake’s deception and Skylanders: Giants which is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo

Billy Unger height

Billy Unger height is currently 173cm at the age of 27 years. There is no proof he would gain more height as scientific studies shows we stop growing in height after entering our 20s.

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Some FAQs about Billy Unger

who is billy unger’s wife?

She is called Angela Moreno.

What is billy unger net worth?

Billy net worth as of 2023 is $400,000.

what is billy unger height?

Billy’s height is currently 173cm.