Top 10 Most Expensive Bracelets


Bracelets over the years has become an accessory worn on the wrist by people of all ranks to make their dressing appear attractive. Whilst some of these bracelets cost a few dollars to get, others cost a million dollars due to the pure gold and mineral used in their crafting.

Such bracelets cannot be afforded by the ordinary man but by people of high class. In our article today, we shall look at the top 10 most expensive bracelets in the world.

1.Graff Diamonds Hallucination Bracelet

Owned by British most renowned jeweler Laurence Graff who also doubles as a shareholder in a diamond mine in South Africa. The bracelet is a unique set with a variety of uncommon and vibrant diamonds. With an astounding $55 million price tag, the Graff Diamonds Hallucination is the most costly timepiece ever created. Pink, blue, green, yellow, and orange diamonds are among the vibrant stones used to embellish this watch.

2.Natural Pearl and Diamond Parure

Made from well-refined diamonds and pearls, Garrad is on the notoriety of producing one of the best and most valuable bracelets in the world which are mostly patronized by the royal family. It costs over $ 1 million to get one and is really worth the amount looking at the precious minerals added to it.

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3.Wallis Simpson’s Panther Bracelet

Owned by the late American socialite Wallis Simpson whose marriage to Edward VIII created a lot of tension in the royal leading to him stepping down from his throne. It was part of the valuable stuffs owned by the couple which were auctioned in London but was a hot cake due to it catching the eyes of many.

It was reportedly bought by an unknown buyer for an amount of $ 7.3 million with many speculating legendary singer and actress Madonna was the buyer.

4.The Hutton-mdivani Jadeite Bracelet

The Hutton bracelet set the biggest record after it was purchased for $ 27.4 million by The Cartier Collection. Spotting a green color and decorated with diamonds, it was owned by the late Barbara Hutton who passed away in 1979. It has been tagged as one of the world’s most historical and valuable diamonds.

5.Bulgari Serpent Bracelet

Designed like a serpent, it was crafted from a diamond and is used to honor the serpent. Wearing it isn’t difficult as you just have to open and place it on your wrist without any supportive objects and fits every hand. It costs $ 10,400-34,500 to get a single one and carries a lot of respect when worn around.

6.Van Cleef & Arpels Ruby And Diamond Bracelet

A bracelet said to be the favorite of all the late actress Marlene Dietrich pieces of jewelry which he even wore to the Academy Awards in 1951 and also wore it during the stage play stage fight”.Crafted from diamond, it highest bidder purchased it for $ 4.5 million during its auction.

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7.Harry Winston Diamond Bracelet

Made by Cartier Jewelry who over the years have ceased to amaze jewelry lovers with quality diamond products with not even a single fake one sighted amongst them. Crafted with diamond and gold, the Cartier bracelet has been shaped like a cheetah and costs $ 47,000 an amount that the average salaried worker can’t afford.

8.Cartier Diamond And Emerald Bracelet

After over eight decades in the jewelry space, Harry Winston seems not to be backing down soon and is ready to give the new school a serious run for their money. With over 20 carats of diamonds used to design it, the bracelet costs between $38,000-195,000 to get which tells you how powerful the Harry brand is even after the emergence of different ones.

9.Vintage Diamond Bracelet

Another expensive bracelet from the desk of Van Cleef & Arpels, it appears very simple but yet very valuable with many carats of diamonds and gold included in its manufacturing. Due to its simplicity and shiny appearance, it makes you appear very sharp when you wear it in addition to a nice outfit when going out. It costs between $ 36,000- 2 million to get one

10.David Webb Diamond And Enamel Bracelet

An eye catchy bracelet that has the power of seeing you emptying your bank account to get one was crafted by David Webb LLC. Beyond the gold additions, it features a jungle-like art with it shaped like a tiger with its tail in the mouth. Don’t be scared because it is harmless and won’t do you anything should you wear it around your wrist. It is priced at $ 47,400-72,000 to get a single one.

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Who is the biggest producer of bracelets?

They are many but the popular ones are Laurence Graff and Harry Winston.

where was the Graff Diamonds Hallucination mined from?

It was mined in South Africa diamond mines.