10 most expensive sculptures


Sculpture is a field of artistry where ideas and past events are represented or molded in the form of human being objects and animals. Normally they are molded with clay, metallic, and stone which just a look at it gives you a brief history of the information. They are normally placed in museums, art centers, and tourist centers which people travel very long distances to watch and also take clear pictures of it.

In our article today, we shall look at the top 10 most expensive sculptures in the world. Just in case someday you want to travel around the world and take pictures too.

1.Mount Rushmore

Located in South Dakota it was specially crafted to honor the legacy of former America’s presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln whose names are in the history books for transforming America. The sculpture has been crafted in the human face of the ex-presidents and remains one of the most valuable properties in the USA.

After over 70 years of its crafting, it still tops the list of the most visited places despite the many controversies hovering around it. It is valued at around $ 11 billion.

2.L’Homme qui marche

A sculpture with a French name with its English meaning Walking Man 1 was designed by Swiss painter and sculptor Alberto Giacometti in 1961. It a just a simple sculpture of a man standing which talks about the daily struggle a man has to endure to achieve his dream. It broke the world record as one of the world’s most expensive sculptures to be sold in 2010 for $ 104.3 million. It was bought by billionaire and art lover Lily Safra who paid for it within seconds. It takes the second position on the 10 most expensive sculptures in the world.

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3.For the love of God

Appearing in a skull form, it was made by British art collector Damien Hirst who specially designed it with several carats of diamonds and named it For the Love of God. Despite making headlines of being sold for $ 100 million, it later turned out to be false as it is still in storage.

4.Guennol Lioness

Designed like a lion, it was designed some 5,000 years and kept in the museum for over 50 years till it was sold during an auction. It was reportedly purchased by an unknown person who beat his contenders who quote low figures compared to him who choose to buy it at $ 57 million.

5.Spring Temple Buddha

Touted as one of the world’s longest buildings standing at 420 feet tall, it is located at Foquan Temple in Zhaocun Township, Pingdingshan City, Henan. Since its creation, it has served as a tourist attraction for people all across the world who travel afar to catch a glimpse of it.

It was reportedly built to rebuke the barbaric attitude of the Taliban who destroyed the Buddhas in Bamiyan, Afghanistan. China which is noted to worship through Buddhas was not pleased with the act so splashed a sum of $ 55 million to erect it which is taller than the state of liberty.

6.Grande tete mince

Another piece of art from the desk of Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti crafted in 1954 with his younger brother Diego been the inspiration behind it. Grande tete mince which means the big and thin head is the face of an individual which reportedly took hours to craft and was purchased for $53.3 million during its auction by an unknown buyer.

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A masterpiece by the Italian sculptor Amedeo Modigliani who wanted to do art that portrays the culture of Africa has the image of a woman with a scarf on her head. Amedeo according to deep findings is one of the world’s best sculptors whose works are scattered all across museums and art centers and are still raking cash after her demise. The tete which means Head in English was reportedly purchased at $ 52.6 million by an unknown person.

8.The Statue of Liberty

It will be a great disservice on our part to compile a list of the top 10 most sculptures and exempt the Statue of Liberty from it. Tourist lovers who usually go to the USA will realize how busy the Statue of Liberty is as it has served as a place for movie and music video shoots.

Well, the mystery behind its design is it was built to celebrate the independence gained by Americans and also emerging victorious in the civil war. It was a gift by French historian Edouard de Laboulaye to them to congratulate them for pressing through and not giving up in their battle. Despite it costing around $250,000 as of its construction, it is currently valued at around $ 45 million.

9.La muse endormie

An art crafted by Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi which portrays the image of a sleeping head was made of bronze. It sold for $ 57.36 million during an auction and had tough competition from more than five bidders. In the end, the winner whose money surpasses them all took it home.

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10.Madame L.R.

Another sculpture from Constantin Brancusi which caught the world’s attention was bought by the French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent who was a great lover of art and had many in his art room. Years after his demise he was sold off in Paris in 2009 at $ 36.8 million. It is the cheapest on the 10 most expensive sculptures list.

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for how long has the statue of liberty been in existence?

It been around for more than 100 years

what is the most expensive sculpture currently?

The mount rush more currently valued around $ 11 billion tops the list of top 10 most expensive sculptures in the world.


The above is the compiled list of the top 10 most expensive sculptures in the world made by the finest artists. If you are a reader who loves to explore the world of sculpture then showbiz is your number stopover. Please don’t forget to live your comments below.