Is mike rowe gay? career, relationships, threat to his life, and death hoax


Is Mike Rowe Gay? This is the question on the lips of many people regarding the sexual orientation of the media personality whom many are speculating is a member of the LGBTQ group.

In our article today we shall give you a candid response to the question Is Mike Rowe Gay? We shall also look at his career, relationships, threat to his life, and death hoax. Enjoy this amazing piece.

Who is Mike Rowe?

Mike is a media personality whose keen interest is in the shooting of his documentary skits of people who do menial and scary jobs.


Real Name Michael Gregory Rowe
Popularly known as Mike Rowe
Date of birthMarch 18, 1962
Age61 years
Nationality American
Profession News anchor, reporter
Ex-Partners Danielle Burgio, Sandy Doston
Children None
Net worth $ 35million

Early life

Mike was born and raised in Maryland to educational instructor parents who were highly religious people so therefore instilling that same discipline in him. He had all his education in Maryland graduating with a bachelor’s in communication studies.

Mike at some point worked with the school of the blind during his scouting service where he assisted the blind with learning. Due to his dedicated way of serving, he had the commendation of President George ford who fell in love with his hard work.

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Mike after graduating worked as a news anchor for several media houses including FX, PBS, QVC, and TBS.

He then started his show Dirty jobs where he was filmed people who do menial and very scary jobs in order to make ends meet.

He said the motive behind the documentary was to educate people not to discriminate against people’s source of livelihood. The show lasted for eight good seasons.

He then started another called Somebody’s Gotta do it which he used to connect with people in their working field. It was shown on CNN.

He also worked as a reporter where he reported on forest hunters, aquatic animals, and innovators. Through his program, he gave viewers a clear picture of how all these difficult tasks are undertaken.

Mike along the line tried his hands on music collaborating with country music singer John Rich on the song ”Santa’s got a dirty job” for his show dirty jobs. The song was successful in the music market and became one of the most played and streamed songs on all media platforms. Mike was completely blown away as he never expected it to be received by people.

Humanitarian deeds

Mike through his exploring nature developed a strong love for skilled labor people as he believe they can help boost the economy.

He launched a foundation MikeRowe Works which offered free training, mentorship, and learning materials to individuals seeking to acquire skills to work in the labor market.

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threat to his life

Mike received death threats after shooting an advert for the Walmart company which he emphasized on investing in production companies like Walmart.

Many came for his head as they felt the company wasn’t treating its employees well and expected Mike to speak up for them.

his death hoax

Mike joins the likes of Rambo actor Sylvester Stallone who have faced death hoaxes in the past. The media personality once had his sleep disrupted by a drone which he always fired a gun at it. The next day it was all over the news that he was dead till he came out to deny it.

Mike Rowe’s net worth

Mike’s net worth currently sits at $ 35 million made from his media works and also as a brand ambassador. He has endorsement deals with big brands such as automobile company ford motors where he has shot several adverts for. He pockets millions of dollars annually from it.

He also has a deal with equipment company caterpillar, Viva paper towels, and Novartis. All these top brands see him smiling at the bank every month.

Despite his fame and wealth, he lives a very simple life and still stays in the San Francisco apartment he has been living in for the past 14 years.

Is Mike Rowe Gay?

Well let me burst your bubble, Mike is actually a straight person who in the past has been in a relationship with very accomplished women.

His first relationship was with actress Danielle Burgio who they both dated on the blind side of the media.

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He then began dating corporate worker Sandy Doston whom rumors have it that they have broken up. Details about his current relationship is unknown as he is a very secretive person on personal issues. I hope you have now gotten your preferred answer to the question Is Mike Rowe gay?

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Some FAQS about Mike Rowe

How many kids does mike rowe have?

Mike has no kids of his own.

who is mike’s current girlfriend?

His current relationship is unknown as he is a very private person.

Is mike rowe into charity works?

Yes he runs the MikeRowe Works foundation which assist people who want to learn handy skills.