Joseph sikora wife: Everything to know about her


Joseph Sikora wife has managed to stay out of the public eye despite being married to the actor for almost a decade.

In our article today’s, we shall let you know everything to know Joseph Sikora wife and also his beef with Gianni Paolo.

Who is Joseph Sikora wife?

She is Tania Sikora a certified beautician who throughout her years has been the one behind the brightening faces of many movie actors.

She has paid her due and had her good work recognized by many big production firms.


Full Name Tania Sikora
Date of birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Occupation Beautician
Partner Joseph Sikora
Net worth Unknown

Early life

Born and raised in the USA to parents who saw her through school and also helped her accomplish her dreams as a beautician.

Much is not known about his family and early life as she is very private.


Tania worked very hard to make her dreams become a reality. After saving up some money she was able to open her beautycare shop in New York where she won millions of client’s hearts due to her exceptional way of styling.

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Along the line, Tania got the eye of Hollywood producers and movie stars who were marveled at her works. They then established contacts with her and has since then worked with several production companies.

Some popular movie projects Tania was the mastermind behind their on-screen makeup works are Joker, Notes from the field, The Irishman, Greatest Showman, and, Boardwalk empire.

How did Joseph Sikora wife meet him?

The couple first met on set when Tania and her colleagues had gone to work, Joseph was part of the on-screen actors that day. Joseph then made the first attempt but Tania wasn’t interested as she wanted to act professional and not have an affair with any actor.

After stretching Joseph for a long time, she finally gave in after noticing he was a good guy. The lovers after years of dating tied the knot in a very private wedding attended by close relatives and friends.

There is no news as to whether they have kids or not.

Joseph sikora wife influence on him

Joseph has maintained marriage to Tania has brought a lot of transformation in his life. Beyond his wife motivating him to work harder and also giving him the maximum support, she has also helped him control his outrage when someone provokes him.

Joseph in the past used to be a very hot-headed individual who will burst out in full rage at the least provocation. Tania after meeting him ensured he underwent therapy to cure his hot-headed nature which was successful.

joseph Sikora wife net worth

Much is not known about Tania’s earnings but with someone who works for well-renowned actors and production companies, she is certainly making some good cash.

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And at least she is an independent lady whose eyes aren’t fixated on her husband’s money.

Who is Joseph Sikora and his feud with Gianni Paolo

Joseph Sikora is a talented American actor with a strong educational background in theatre and movie acting. He has over the years featured in several seasonal movies such as Grey’s Anatomy, Prison Break, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Joseph also appeared in 50cent’s seasonal movie Power where he played the character of Tommy Eghan a popular drug dealer who has found himself in the grips of the law.

He made headlines after ignoring his colleague Paolo’s handshake on stage, the beef then escalated to Instagram where they both traded unprintable words towards each other. 50 cent had to step in to call for a ceasefire.
They later met to squash their beef and even took pictures together.

He is very popular on social media where he shares pictures and videos of his works, this is his Instagram handle josephsikora4

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Some FAQs about Joseph Sikora Wife

how long has joseph sikora been married?

He has been married since 2014,which makes it 9 years in 2023.

what does joseph sikora wife do?

She is a beautician who styles actors and actresses.