Tua Tagovailoa net worth and Collapse Scare


In today’s write-up, we will look at NFL quarterback Tua Tagovailoa net worth and how he started his career.

In our previous post, we talked about Actor Ray Buffer net worth and also threw more light on his theft issue.

Not only will the write-up be about Tua Tagovailoa net worth but also a bit about his early life, career, and charitable deeds.

NameTuanigamanuolepola Tagovailoa
Date of birthMarch 2, 1998
Age24 years
WifeAnnah Gore
Net worth$4million
Last updated2023

Who is Tua Tagovailoa

Tua Tagovailoa is a Florida-based NFL footballer who currently plies his trade with the Miami Dolphins American football club.

Is career at a point was almost shuttered by a life-threatening hip injury which he was able to overcome in the long run.

Tua Tagavailoa net worth $ 4 million thanks to the mouth-watering $ 30 million contract he signed with the Dolphins which comes along with a $ 19 million signing bonus.

Not only that the young chap is also blessed with several endorsement deals with world-renowned companies such as Adidas. All these earnings have boosted Tua tagovailoa net worth.

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Tua tagovailoa’s early life

Born and raised in Hawaii to Samoan parents, Tua is the eldest of his parent’s four children.

Inspired by his grandfather Seu Tagovailoa who was a footballer, Tua developed a strong passion for football which he had the blessings of his parents.

Due to the huge impact his grandfather Seu made in football, the inhabitants of Samoan placed him on a higher pedestal. An honor and legacy he swore to make sure his grandson Tua Tagavailoa continues so therefore he kept a close marking on him anytime he went for training.

The unfortunate happened when Seu passed away just some few years to Tua starting his high school education. Completely shattered by the death, Tua decided to call its quits hadn’t not been the timely intervention of his father who advised him to continue the Tagovailoa legacy.

tua Tagovailoa Early Career

Tua Tagavailoa just like other sportsmen started his active football career in high school where he displayed exceptional performances to the amazement of his sports teachers.

He made sure he delivered in every game he was put on with his father giving him the maximum support he needed. Tua along the line was given multiple scholarships from different colleges that couldn’t get enough of his talents but he settled on the University of Alabama.

In the university, Tua became the school coach’s favorite starter who made sure he included him in almost every game because his presence on the field yielded good results.

He completed his education not only with a bachelor’s degree but also by setting a lot of unbeatable records and also going home with several trophies.

Professional Career

Tua Tagovailoa’s exceptional talent then caught the eyes of the NFL football Miami Dolphins who enlisted him in their 2020 draft, despite suffering from some injuries from the start.

Tua signed his first contract which was worth $30 million with other winning bonuses.

He then took the number one jersey which he was also included in the team’s starters which he helped win several matches although he suffered defeats sometimes.

tua Tagovailoa Collapse scare

In 2022, Tua made headlines when he had mild cranial trauma after his opponent knocked his head on the floor.

It was such a scary situation that led to him being driven to the hospital, Tua was then advised he stayed away from the game for some months to heal.

But the doctor in charge did the unthinkable by clearing him to go back to play, an action which didn’t sit well with the NFL players association triggering them to fire him.

tua Tagovailoa Net worth

After signing his first major contract with the Dolphins which was worth $30 million coupled with a $19 million signing bonus and other juicy incentives, Tua also caught the eyes of top brands such as Adidas, bose, muscle milk, and Wingstop.

Tua Tagovailoa net worth currently stands at $4 million which he once revealed in an interview that he saves a lot and doesn’t go near his match earnings but only spends what he makes from his endorsements.

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Tua bought himself a huge $ 1.65 million in Miami which had its own gym and bathtub. He also splashed a whooping sum of $80,000 on an escalade for his mother and bought his father an expensive Rolex.

As someone who doesn’t want to end up broke after retirement he has invested heavily in many businesses which are not known in the public domain.

With all these huge signings and juicy endorsements, it doesn’t come as a surprise Tua Tagovailoa net worth keeps going higher.

Charitable deeds

To give back to society, Tua has set up his own foundation which gears at offering scholarships to brilliant but needy students in the Hawaii, Alabama, and Miami environs.

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Below are some FAQs about tua Tagovailoa

Who Is Tua Tagavailoa’s Wife?

Tua is happily married to his childhood sweetheart Annah Gore with whom they have been together since their high school days.

What Is Tua Tagavailoa Age

Born on March 2, 1998, Tua is currently 24 years of age.

What is Tua Tagavailoa current Team?

Tua presently plays for Miami Dolphins.

What is Tua Tagavailoa Net Worth?

Tua Tagavailoa net worth currently sits at $4million.