Dane Cook Net Worth: career, Girlfriend and plagiarism accusations


Dane Cook net worth made from his stand-up comedy and acting career currently stands at $ 35 million. The comedian is one of America’s most successful comedians who have been able to tour all across the world and sold out shows. Beyond Dane Cook net worth we shall look at his career, lawsuit against his brother, plagiarism accusations and shooting joke.

Who Is Dane Cook?

Dane is an American stand-up comedian and actor who has toured all across the country with his comedy shows and also made appearances in movies. In recent years he has been accused of plagiarizing people’s work.


Full Name Dane Jeffrey Cook
Date of birth March 18, 1972
Age51 years
Nationality American
Height 1.83m
Profession Comedian and Actor
Partner Kelsi Taylor
Half-brother Darryl McCauley
Net worth $ 35 million

early life

Dane Cook was born on March 18, 1972, into a family of six with both parents currently deceased in Massachusetts. An interesting secret about Dane’s growing up was he was a very shy and reserved person who was always indoors. He defeated shyness after enrolling in high and taking part in school acting activities and performing on stage during school drama programs.

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Dane suffered one of his lowest moments at the beginning of his career when he together with a group of underground comedians had objects pelted at them during a music show. They were brought on stage to entertain fans but it seems they weren’t in the mood for jokes that day. He bounced back where he had the honor of performing at Premium Blend comedy show and comedy central presents which received a lot of positive reviews.

Dane then released his comedy album Harmful if Swallowed and Retaliation which was a huge success and made headlines all across the country. He then embarked on a nationwide tour in which he traveled to most of the states in the country entertaining fans with his comedies.

Dave then made appearances in movies such as Employee of the Month, Mr. Brooks, and Good luck chuck. All these movies were huge successes which grossed millions of dollars at the box office. Dave played a voice-over role in the Plane animated series.

Dane has currently set many records since his emergence in the comedy scene by winning several prestigious awards such as the best comedian award and also having a sold-out comedy show at Madison Square.


shooting joke

Dane joins the list of comedians who have passed jokes about very sensitive issues which didn’t sit well with people. During one of his comedy shows at Hollywood’s Laugh Factory, he made a joke about the James Holmes mass shooting at the Colorado theatre. He later took to his social media handle to issue an apology.

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Hosting teenagers at a house party

He received huge backlash when he hosted underage teenage girls in his mansion during a night party. The girls who were rumored to not have even reached the age of 18 years were spotted partyin in the comedian’s house.

lawsuit against his brother

Dane sued his half-brother Darryl McCauley and his wife Erika McCauly for misappropriation of funds. Darryl who was in charge of Dane’s finances together with his wife diverted millions from Dane’s account and used it for their purpose. The court ordered them to pay $ 12 million and had them put behind bars for six and three years respectively.

plagiarism accusations

Dane has come under strong criticism for sampling his fellow comedian and Louis C.K’s jokes on several occasions. The two talents who were not seeing eye to eye finally met to bury the hatchet after years of back and forth.

personal life

Dave is currently engaged to Kelsi Taylor certified Pilates instructor and singer with whom they have been together for the past six years now. The pair reportedly met when Kelsi came for a program in Dane’s house. Despite he been more than twenty years older than her, the love keeps getting stronger each day.

Dane Cook net worth

Dane Cook net worth is $ 35 million and makes it to the list of one of the world’s richest comedians who have defied the odds and made it big. His comedy albums Harmful If Swallowed and Retaliation were a very huge success that made millions of sales. Dane is also one of the few comedians who have headlined their comedy shows which have sold out completely with tours all across the world.

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Most of the movies he appeared in emerged as one of the highest-grossing movies which fetch millions of dollars from the box office. He owns a $ 3 million at Hollywood Hills alongside riding a 1969 Pontiac GTO and his Lamborghini Huracan. Dane Cook net worth can easily help him afford every expensive thing he desires

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Some FAQS about Dane Cook

what is dane cook relationship with his half-brother?

The brothers aren’t cool at the moment since the lawsuit issue.

how old is dane cook?

Dane Cook’s age as of 2023 is 51 years.