Ahead of November’s election, Biden says he’s excited to debate Trump. 


Joe Biden announced that he will debate former President Donald Trump before this year’s election. In the most audacious indication of his readiness to square off against his Republican opponent before voters cast ballots in November,

However, Biden stated that he was still determining the debates’ format at this time, leaving open the potential for altering this year’s three customary on-stage sessions. 

“Somewhere, I am. When asked by broadcaster Howard Stern if he intended to debate his predecessor, Biden responded, “I don’t know when.” “I’d be glad to argue with him.”

For the first time this election cycle, Biden has clarified that he would take on Trump in a debate. He has wavered in the past, stating that it would depend on how the former president acts. Biden’s staff members have expressed doubts about Trump’s willingness to follow the rules in any future debate, and as of Friday, his team had yet to release a detailed debate schedule. 

A letter encouraging Biden and Trump to participate in televised debates before the 2024 election was published earlier this month by a dozen of the most significant news companies in the country. 

Numerous print, broadcast, and cable news organizations signed the letter, including USA Today, NPR, PBS NewsHour, ABC News, The Associated Press, CBS News, CNN, C-SPAN, Fox News, NBC News, News Nation, and Univision. The press organizations requested the candidates “publicly commit to participating in general election debates before November’s election” in the letter. 

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Three presidential debates in Texas, Virginia, and Utah have been set for September and October by the Commission on Presidential Debates. 

Though the Republican National Committee unanimously voted in 2022 to withdraw from the Commission on Presidential Debates, Trump, who declined to participate in the Republican primary debates, has stated on social media that he will face Biden “anytime, anywhere, anyplace.” 

In response to Trump’s requests for earlier debates, Biden told reporters in February that “if I were him, I’d want him to debate me, too.” There is nothing else for him to do. 

Immediately after Biden’s remarks on Stern’s show, Chris LaCivita, Trump’s campaign manager, swiftly took to social media to respond, adding to the ongoing political discourse. 

“Ok,” he wrote on X, “let’s set it up!”

Credit; CNN