What happened to John Walsh’s daughter? Meghan walsh, health career, feud with parents and brother’s death


What happened to John Walsh’s daughter? A few years ago the daughter of the television personality came out to disclose her health status to the world.

In our article today, we shall look at who john Walsh’s daughter is, her career, feud with parents, and her brother’s death.

Who is John Walsh’s daughter?

She is Meghan Walsh the second child of the veteran media personality who choose to pursue a career in fashion and visual artistry.

She is very popular on her social media page where she always interacts with her fans.

Meghan has also suffered some down moments in her life concerning the loss of her brother, a health battle, and a legal battle with her parents.


Full NameMeghan Walsh
Date of birth1982
OccupationFashion designer, visual artist, singer
Husband: Unknown
Children Two
SiblingsAdam(deceased),Callahan &Hayden
Parents John Walsh and Reve drew

Early life

Born and raised in Florida to media personality John Walsh and a child’s rights activist mother Reve Drew, Meghan is the couple’s second child after Adam who was assassinated.

She had all her education in Florida before finally relocating to New York.

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Despite her dad being a very influential person in the media space, Meghan chose a different career path.

She works as a fashion designer where she designs excellent clothing for her clients. She also operates her artistry studio in New York which sees to the painting and decoration of portraits and objects. Meghan disclosed she is also a singer.

What happened to John Walsh’s daughter?

Meghan Walsh in 2021 revealed to her followers on her Twitter handle that she has been diagnosed with basal cell cancer, a cancer type that develops on the nose.

It usually appears a mild case but can deteriorate when not given the needed attention. She informed fans she is under treatment using Rick Simpson oil.

Meet Meghan Walsh’s family

Her father

Born John Edward Walsh Jr on December 26, 1945, in New York.

John started a career in the hospitality business building hotels in Florida a project he nicknamed the ‘dream project’. Whiles working on a million dollar project, he was struck by one of life’s biggest tragedies when his son was murdered.

He became completely shattered making him halt his business dream. John then branched into media, where he has since then been advocating against unlawful crime activities on his show ‘America’s most wanted’.

Through his foundation Adam Walsh Child Resource Center, he has been able to solve many kidnapping and murder cases.

Her mother

Reve Drew gained media attention after the murder of her first son Adam Walsh.

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The situation dampened her spirit causing her to stop pursuing her business career and creating a foundation geared at assisting missing children.

The foundation has also had the endorsement of many influential bodies including ex-President George bush and the FBI.

Reve through her foundation works hand in hand with NYPD and FBI where she assists in the tracking of missing children.

Her brother

Callahan Walsh born in 1985 which makes him younger than Meghan.

Callahan currently works as a television presenter assisting his dad with ‘America’s most wanted program’.

The duo are currently working on a new project called ‘Pursuit with John Walsh’ which would address families who lost their relatives through assassination.

Her brother

Hayden Walsh is the youngest of the siblings born in 1994.

Despite the whole family being in the media space, the young man prefers being on a lowkey.

Much information isn’t known about him as he is a camera-shy person and doesn’t grant interviews.

Feud with parents

Still unsettled with his brother’s death, Meghan interrogated her parents about the demise of Adam which resulted in a squabble between them.

His Father then leveled many untrue accusations against her at the Florida protective service. Meghan was never given a fair hearing which resulted in her parents taking her kids from her.

An online petition was created for the return of the kids.

Brothers death

Meghan lost his elderly brother Adams Walsh in 1981 a year before her birth.

Adam went missing after going on shopping with his mother at the Hollywood Mall, it was after 14 days of intensive search his head was found.

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Later on, the remaining body was also found which further investigations proved Ottis Tole and Jeffrey Dahmer were behind it.

A movie was shot using a storyline that had millions of viewers.

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Some FAQs about John Walsh’s daughter

what is the name of john walsh’s daughter?

She is Meghan Walsh.

what happened to john walsh’s daughter?

She was diagnosed of basal cell cancer, a cancer type that forms on the face.

What does john walsh’s daughter do?

She is a fashion designer, visual artist and singer.