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We are always proud when we give you guys the fresh and authentic life stories and net worth of your favorite celebrities and sportsmen. In today’s write up we would delve much into the life story of Sally Mulroney.

The surname may sound a bit familiar to you as far as you are a strong Hollywood fan, keep your fingers crossed and read to the end as we reveal to you who she is.

In today’s write-up, we will discuss Sally Mulroney biography, net worth, siblings and parents. Talking of privileged celebrity children Sally’s name can’t be omitted as her parents have laid a good foundation for her and her siblings.

Sally Mulroney is the daughter of legendary actor Dermot Mulroney and movie producer Tharita Cesaroni.

Despite her parent’s huge impact in the movie industry, they have managed to keep her off the public eye.
Grab the popcorn and sit back as we take you through more exciting facts about the little damsel.

Who Is Sally Mulroney

Full NameSally Mulroney
FatherDermot Mulroney
MotherTharita Cesaroni
SiblingsClyde Keener Mulroney, Mabel Ray Mulroney
Height4feet 8 inches
Net worthN/A
Social mediasally.mulroney


Born to actor Dermot Mulroney and Italian producer Tharita Cesaroni, Sally is the youngest of the couple’s two children although his dad has a son from his previous marriage making him a half-brother of Sally.

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Despite her parents making it big in the entertainment industry, they have avoided the media from getting access to her as a result of that details about what she does is unknown. From checks, it is revealed Sally is currently enrolled in high school and hasn’t yet shown interest in acting.

Her parents are at moment keen on ensuring she gets a quality education to fit in well in society.

Sally Mulroney father

Dermot Mulroney is one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors who in the past and present has played several roles beyond perfection ranging from comedy to drama.

Coming from a well-to-do background, Dermot’s father was a law professor at the university and his mother an actress. In the University, Dermot decided to pursue a career in acting, a career he held onto till he shot into the limelight.

Dermot just like other celebrities has had his fair share of marital problems as his first marriage to actress Catherine Keener came folding up after a decade. The marriage produced his first son Clyde Keener Mulroney born in 1999 who currently works as a singer. He then met Italian producer Tharita Cesaroni in 2008 with whom he has two daughters.

Beyond his great acting skills, Dermot is also a good instrumentalist with the cello which he in the past partnered with music bands to tour across the country. He has in a few of his movies also played cellos.

Sally Mulroney Mother

Born and raised in Milan a town in Italy, Tharita Cesaroni an immigrant in America has now carved a niche for herself as one of the most sorts after cinematographers and producers.

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Tharita’s mother Emy Cesaroni was a pop star who graced the Italian music industry with her ear-pleasing hit songs.

Unlike her husband, Tharisa couldn’t educate herself to the highest level but managed to penetrate the entertainment industry kind courtesy of the influence of her mother.

Tharisa Cesaroni then began working as a cinematographer where she shoot several Italian movies. Along the line, she included music to her craft which she came out with a few list of songs.

She naturalized for the United States of America right after getting married to Dermot Mulroney and has since then maintained a low profile.

Sally Mulroney’s Siblings

The youngest of the three siblings, Sally has an elderly half-brother Clyde Mulnorey who currently works as a singer and actor, and also an elderly sister Mabel Ray Mulnorey.

Sally Mulnorey’s Networth

Sally’s net worth is currently unknown as there are no records of her working or pursuing any career, deep findings state that she is currently focused on her education.

But her dad Dermot Mulroney is worth $11 million and her mum Tharisa Cesaroni is worth $2 million respectively.

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