Don lemon first wife: everything to know about her


Don Lemon first wife rumor came as a surprise to many as they were no photos to show they truly got married. Whilst there are some doubting Thomases in the issue, there are also some individuals who believed the duo married in a lowkey ceremony.

With Don lemon being a very influential commodity in the media space we were able to dig deeper to find out who the said woman is.

In today’s article, we shall let you know everything about Don lemon first wife and Don lemon sexual orientation. Enjoy this exciting piece.

Who is Don Lemon first wife?

She is Stephanie Ortiz an American actress who is has featured in several Hollywood movies and very active on social media.


Full Name Stephanie Ortiz
Date of birth 17 July 1982
Age 40 years
Profession Model, Actress
Partner Don lemon , Bryan(current)
Siblings Janae and David
Nationality American
Height 180cm
Weight 55kg
Net worth $ 3 million

Early life

Born into a family of three in California to a detention officer father and a housewife mother, his father worked very hard to give his three children a quality life.

Stephanie in her early days in school took part in extra-curricular activities such as sports and was featured in school games. She obtained a degree in theology.

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Stephanie began her career as a model where she worked with several modeling agencies that helped her appear on the front page of magazines.

After the exposure, she had the chance of working for the Designer wear brand Levi’s and Soft drink company Dr. Pepper, Benetton, and Puma.

Stephanie then started getting call-ups for movies in which she appeared in movies such as ”A kiss of chaos”, The love portion” and ”The grasslands”.

Marriage to Don Lemon

Rumors from the grapevine alleged Stephanie was married to the media personality Don lemon but the marriage folded up after sometime, despite no pictures or videos to back the claim.

Some also asserted it was a mere fabrication. In all that none of them ever came out to confirm nor deny which makes it still hanging around.

Stephanie current husband

Stephanie is currently married to a man called Bryan with whom they live happily together although the paparazzi have not been able to get pictures of them together.

They live around California and maintain a very low-profile life and don’t even post on social media.

Stephanie Ortiz Net worth

Stephanie net worth is currently estimated at around $ 3 million thanks to working with big companies like Designer wear brand Levi’s, Soft drink company Dr.Pepper, Benetton, and Puma.

These mentioned companies paid her hefty amounts of money during their working days. She also made thousands of dollars from her acting career.

Who is Don Lemon and what is his sexual orientation?

Born on March 1, 1966, in the USA, his Dad was a well-renowned legal practitioner who defended and won several cases for his clients.

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He graduated with a degree in journalism and has since then worked with several media platforms.

Currently, with CNN, he has gained huge global prominence due to his opprobrium nature which he speaks his mind without fear or favor. Don has also on several occasions lambasted former president Trump due to his racist nature. He once revealed Trump failed to appear on his show nature for an interview as a way of swerving tough questions.

Don was also heavily criticized for passing derogatory comments about former South Carolina governor and presidential aspirant Nikki Haley.

This comes after she suggested that Politicians above the age of 70 should take mental competence test to evaluate their effectiveness in office. He later came out to apologize.

Don came out of the closet in 2011, through his memoir ”Transparent”. He has been with estate broker Tim Malone since 2017.

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Some FAQs about Don lemon wife

who is don lemon first wife?

She is Stephanie Ortiz an actress and model.

what happened to don lemon first wife?

She got married to a man called Bryan.

what is don lemon sexual orientation?

He is an openly gay who is currently dating estate broker Tim Malone.