Miles Teller height: career, accident, Arrest, family & net worth


Miles Teller height which has been a topic of discussion on social media for some time would be revealed in today’s write-up.

Beyond Miles teller height we shall also look at miles early life, career, accident, arrest, family, and, net worth. Sit back as I take you through this exciting piece.

Who is Miles Teller?

Miles is a controversial American actor who has starred in several action movies with the popular one being Top Gun: Maverick.

Throughout his years in the movie industry he has been involved in a several controversies which didn’t sit well with his fans.


Full Name Miles Alexander Teller
Date of birth February 20, 1987
Age 36 years
Nationality American
Occupation Actor
Height 184.2cm
Weight 185 pounds
WifeKeleigh Sperry
Children None
Siblings Erin and Dana
Net worth $10 million

Early life

Born to very affluent parents with his father being an engineer and his mother a realtor, the couple made sure Miles and his siblings had the best life whilst growing up.

He had his high school education in Florida before proceeding to the New York University of Arts to obtain a bachelor’s degree in drama.


Miles has always had a strong passion for acting right from a young age and was an instrumental member of his school’s drama group. The group took part in several school on-stage plays and also minor theatre acts.

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Miles made his first on-screen appearance in the Rabbit hole movie where he acted alongside the legendary Nicole Kidman. The movie earned him several nominations despite it being his first time on such a big screen.

He later picked the best Satelitle actor award after his incredible display in Whiplash a movie he played the character of a drummer. He then won the CinemaCon award after playing the Mr. fantastic character in the marvel movie Fantastic four.

Miles has since then made appearances in the movie and music projects such as ”Only the brave” and ”I Bet you think about me”.

He was then called up for featured in the Tom Cruise’s movie project Top Gun: Maverick where he played the character of lieutenant. Miles revealed it had to take the intervention of Tom Cruise to get him on board as he was a bit skeptical about working on such a huge project.

The movie hit a milestone as being one of the highest-grossing movies in the world raking in millions, it also received a lot of positive reviews as people were equally impressed with the storyline. Miles Teller on the other hand earned several nominations after the movie.

Miles teller wife

Miles has been married to actress and model Keligh Sperry with whom they bumped into each at a Grammys afterparty. The couple in an interview revealed it was love at first sight as both characters fell in love with each after their first encounter.

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They tied the knot in 2019 after a few years of dating. Miles once revealed Sperry is a very supportive wife who supports him 100% in his career.

The couple have together worked on several joint projects although they don’t have kids at the moment.

Miles teller height

Miles Teller height is currently 184.2cm as of the age of 36 years. There is no evidence that he would grow in height again as he has passed the age of growing.

Car Accident

Miles was involved in a near-death car accident in 2007 during his college days.

This happened after he and his friend were returning from a music festival, when their car somersaulted eight times and threw him outside. He got badly injured and has since then left a big scar on his face.

His Arrest and jail

Miles was arrested and put behind bars in 2017 for heavy drinking in public during a party.

The police who approached him was given a very cold reception which led to him arresting Miles for such misconduct.

Miles teller net worth

Miles teller net worth currently sits at $ 10 million made from his acting and also endorsement deals.

He was reportedly paid very good money after his role in fantastic four and the Top Gun: Maverick movie which was highly grossed. He also rakes in money from his production Lime tree which has produced many movies.

He is also a brand ambassador for beer brand bud light which his commercial was featured on Super Bowl dancing with the wife.

He lives in a million dollar house in Los Angeles.

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Some FAQs about Miles Teller

what is miles teller height?

He stand at 184.2cm.

what is miles teller net worth?

Miles net worth is $ 10 million as of 2023.

why was miles teller arrested?

Miles was arrested for been heavily drunk in public.