Who Is Tamiyka Lockhart? Biography, Net Worth, personal life, Divorce, and Other Facts.


Tamiyka Lockhart is a person, who doesn’t like a show-off and she always believes in living a simple life and staying away from the media spotlight. Besides, she was the wife of Kenny Anderson earlier but they divorced. In this article, we will see Lockhart’s biography, career, and other details

who is Tamiyka Lockhart?

Tamiyka Lockhart Anderson is known for her work as a stylist and fashion designer. She has also been featured on reality TV shows such as “Basketball Wives.”

Lockhart came to the limelight for being the ex-wife of Kenny Anderson. Kenny Anderson was born in 1970 in Queens, New York City, and was a recognized professional basketball player.

Her Profile

Real NameTamiyka Lockhart Anderson
Birth DateN/A
SpouseKenney Anderson
Famous ascelebrity ex-wife
Net WorthN/A


Lockhart was born and raised in the United States by her parents. However, little is known about her parents or the location where she grew up. The lack of her parents’ information is attributed to her care regarding sharing her details.

Lockhart is a secretive lady.

her personal life

Tamiyka was married to Kenny Anderson shortly between 2002 to 2004. After the marriage, the duo welcomed a son together.

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Tamiyka became a stepmother to Kenny’s children, but the moment lasted short because the relationship did not work out. It is unclear how Tamiyka met Kenny, but after the marriage ended, she kept a low profile from the media.

Was Lockhart the First Wife to Kenny Anderson?

Kenny Anderson is a famous Tv personality, but Lockhart was not the first wife to the basketball player. Kenny Anderson was in a marriage with reality Tv personality Tamisha Akbar for seven years, and the divorce caused a scandal.

Tamisha claimed that their premarital agreement should be reversed because she felt she had put up with Kenny Anderson’s cheating habits in marriage for a long time.

Kenny’s first marriage ended bitterly because of controversial serial cheating, which seems to be when Kenny met his second wife, Tamiyka. Tamiyka’s child was born at the exact time Kenny’s mistress’ child was born, and the children were given the same names. Kenny’s infidelity resulted at the end of his second marriage. In 2007, Kenny Anderson married Natasha Anderson.

Tamiyka Lockhart’s Ex-Husband

Kenny Anderson is the ex-husband of Lockhart and is a recognized ex-athlete and professional basketball player. Anderson was a professional basketball player active from 1991 to 2006 when he retired to become a coach and commentator.

Although Anderson gained huge sums as an annual salary for playing in National Basketball Association, he made wrong investments like collecting expensive and luxury cars, which caused him serious money issues.

Kenny Anderson gained millions while playing basketball, but later, he filed for bankruptcy for bad investment decisions. Currently, he is estimated to have a net worth of $800,000.

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net worth

Lockhart’s net worth is not available to the general public due to her secretive nature but her ex-husband is estimated to be around $800,000.

Here are some FAQs about Lockhart

is Tamiyka Lockhart dating?

Her current relationship status is not known as of now.

how old is Tamiyka Lockhart?

We currently do not have that information due to her secretive nature.

How many children does Tamiyka Lockhart have?

She is known to have one child from her previous marriage.