Paulette miltimore: everything to know about her and her ex-husband’s failed marriages & battle with Alcoholism


Paulette Miltimore is the ex-wife of Cuban actor Steven Bauer which their marriage lasted for only eight years. In our article today on showbiztom, we shall look at everything to know about Paulette Miltimore and her ex-husband’s failed marriages and battle with alcoholism.

Who is Paulette Miltimore?

She is the ex-wife of Cuban actor Steven Bauer, despite no longer being married to the actor she has gotten a lot of media attention.


Full Name Paulette Miltimore
Date of birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Nationality American
Ex-Husband Steven Bauer
Occupation Unknown
Height 1.67m
Weight 60kg
Children None
Net worth Unknown

Early life

Paulette Miltimore was born and raised in the USA although her particular date of birth is unknown neither details about her parents and siblings. Also, details about her education isn’t known to the public but she is rumored to be very educated.


Paulette career isn’t yet known to the public

Paulette Miltimore net worth

Paulette Miltimore net worth isn’t known yet as she is very private so matters about her career and worth are not yet known.

Marriage life

Paulette got married to actor Steven Bauer in 2003 but parted ways in 2012 due to unreconcilable differences.

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Paulette never had children of her own despite being married for eight years. But she was a stepmother to Steven’s two kids.

Meet his ex-husband

Born Esteban Ernesto Echevarria Samson on December 2, 1956, in Cuba but later relocated to the USA when he was young with his parents. He then changed his name to Steven to familiarize himself with American culture and began schooling. He had his school and tertiary education in Miami and graduated with a degree in Film making.

Steven then made his acting dispute in the movie Que Pasa, USA? which exposed him to the world, and started working on other movie projects like ”From Here to Eternity” and ”She is in the army now”. After gaining huge exposure he picked up the showbiz name Steven Bauer.

He then appeared in the drug movie Scarface which he gave off his best performance earning him a movie nomination. Steven then started getting the chance to act in big projects such as Breaking bad, Awakened, DEA, and scared.

His Failed marriages

Despite the fame, Steven has never been lucky with marriage. His marriage to actress Melanie Griffith whom they first met on the set of the movie ”She’s in the army now”. They became one of the most popular celebrity lovebirds who were the talk of the town and had many media platforms discussing them. They got married after a while of dating and welcomed a son Alexander Griffith Bauer in 1985 and later divorced in 1989 due to cheating allegations on Steven’s side.

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Steven then married actress and model Ingrid Anderson in 1989 which lasted for only two years with a son Dylan dean. He then married Christian boney from 1992 to 2002.

Steven is currently dating Lyda Loundon whom he is 39 years older than. The relationship has received a lot of backlash regarding the age difference as people believe Lyda is too young for him.

The lovebirds seem not to be bothered about the naysayers and are still happy together.

His Alcoholism battle

Steven battled with a strong addiction to alcohol and was a heavy drinker who was regularly intoxicated by alcohol. This later resulted in him developing diabetes and a pancreatic infection which made him seek treatment at the health center.

Steven was able to recover from the addiction thanks to great support from his family and girlfriend. They made sure he stick to a healthy eating style and worked out always causing him to shed some weight.

his social media

Steven is very active on Instagram with the name officialstevenbauer

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Some FAQS about Paulette Miltimore

how many kids does paulette miltimore have?

Paulette never had kids of her own.

what is paulette miltimore net worth?

Paulette net worth is not known yet as she is a very private person.