Lenon hijazi:everything to know about him & mother’s failed relationship and arrest


Lenon Hijazi is the son of actress and fashion designer Jaime Pressly designer and television personality Hamzi Hijaji.

In our article today, we shall look at everything to know about Lenon Hijazi alongside his mother’s failed marriages and arrest. Trust after reading this article you will find every information needed about Lenon Hijazi.

Who is Lenon Hijazi?

Lenon Hijazi is the biological son of media personality Hamzi Hijaji and actress Jaime Pressly. He is also a twin coming after his elderly brother called Leo Hijazi.


Full Name Lenon Hijazi
Date of birth October 16, 2017
Age 5 years
Parents Hamzi Hijaji and Jaime Pressly
SiblingsDezi James Calvo Leo Hijaji
Nationality American
Net worth Unknown

Early life

Lenon Hijazi was on October 16, 2017, to Jamie Pressly and Hamzi Hijazi in the USA. He was born a twin alongside his brother Leo who is a minute older than him.

He together with his brother and parents live in the California states where he is schooling at the moment.


Lenon Hijazi is currently schooling as he is too young at the age of five to be pursuing a career. We just hope and pray he and his brother will someday pursue a career in entertainment like his mother.

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Lenon Hijazi net worth

Lenon Hijazi isn’t working at the moment so, therefore, isn’t worth any amount of money but his mother is said to be worth $ 7 million.

Meet his family

His mother, her failed marriage, and arrest

Born Jaime Elizabeth Pressly on July 30, 1977, in California states under the care of her parents.

She began her career as a model where she worked for several modeling agencies and shot adverts for big brands. Her career at that young age saw her travel across the country displaying her talent.

She then diverted into acting and made her first onscreen appearance in the movie Poison Ivy: The new seduction where she played the lead role character. She excelled greatly and got features in movies such as ”Mortal Kombat”, ”My name is earl” and ”Dead or alive”.

Jaime has since then won many prestigious awards to her credits like Online Film & Television award and Primetime Emmy award.

Jaime has suffered relationship breakups with her first breakup being the one with her baby daddy Dj Eric due to distance issues. She revealed the relationship folded up due to the nature of Eric’s work which saw him always traveling around and not making time for her.
She then remarried legal practitioner Simon Singh which lasted for only 16 months due to marital disputes.

Jaime Pressly has been in the news on several occasions for bad reasons. She received huge backlash for openly admitting her elderly son Dezi is her favorite child, she later came back to defend her statement saying she said so because Dezi is more matured and does stuff on his own without assistance.

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She was arrested with charges of driving under the influence of alcohol by the Santa Monica city attorney’s office. She had a good lawyer who defended her making her swerve jail term, she was placed on probation. The probation saw her undergo strict counseling on alcohol and also an ignition locking device installed in her car.

His father

Born Hamzi Hijazi in 1977 to Muslim parents in California. Information about his schooling and family isn’t yet known in the public space.

Hamzi is said to have bumped into Jaime during shopping which they began a friendship and later got married.

Hamzi is a very private person despite being married to a superstar as much information is not known about his work. But sources say he is a well-established entrepreneur with businesses scattered across the country.

His siblings

Lenon has two siblings an elderly half-brother called Dezi and his twin Leo who all stay together with their parents and share a very close bond.

Social media

Lenon isn’t yet on social media but her mother mostly posts him and his siblings on her Instagram handle with the name jaimepressly.

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Some FAQs about Lenon Hijazi

what does lenon hijazi do?

He is a student currently enrolled in the basic school.

who is lenon hijazi twin?

He is called Leo hijazi.

is lenon hijazi a muslim?

His father is a Muslim but much is not known for him.