Orlando brown wife: everything to know about her and husband’s battle with drugs


Orlando brown wife Daniella whom he has been married to since 2020 can be said to be one of the most loyal and dedicated wives. Despite the many flaws of her husband she managed to stay around him.

In our article today, we shall talk about everything to know about Orlando brown wife and also her husband’s battle with drugs.

Who is Orlando brown wife?

Orlando brown wife Daniella is a young lady who has been married to the actor for the past three years now. She stood by her husband even in his lowest moment and they are still together.


Name Daniella Brown
Date of birthUnknown
Age Unknown
Nationality American
Child One
Profession Unknown
Net worth Unknown

Early life and career

Born and raised in a state in the USA, Daniella is a well-educated woman with a job. Although much information is not known about her family, education, and work life.

She is rumored to be gainfully employed and doing pretty well.

Orlando brown wife net worth

Much is not known about Daniella’s occupation not to even talk of her net worth as she is a very private person who barely reveals stuff about herself on social media. But per reports, she is gainfully employed and doing very well

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Personal life

Daniella began dating Orlando around 2018 and tied the knot in 2020. They are currently blessed with a son. A very loyal woman, she stayed around Orlando during his intense battle with drug addiction. She saw to it that he had the best treatment from the rehab center.

Orlando has since then never forgotten the good deeds of her wife and always showers praises on her on social media.

Meet her husband Orlando brown and her battle with drugs

Born Orlando brown on the 4 December 1987 much is not known about his parents and siblings as he has never spoken about it before. But per the information gathered he grew up in Lose Angeles where he had all his education although the name of his schools are unknown.

Orlando made his first on-screen appearance in the movie Major Payne which he did incredibly well catching the interests of other producers. He made an appearance in the series movie ”In the house” in which he played the character of Steven. He then appeared in Jamie Foxx’s television series The Jamie Foxx Show which he appeared in four episodes despite the program spanning five years.

Orlando has also worked on several animated series projects where he played he played the voice acts of the characters used.

orlando brown Lawsuit and charges

Orlando due to his unruly lifestyle has found himself locked in the web of the law on several occasions. He was first picked up by the police for threatening to take the life of a mother and daughter with his reason being that the woman was disturbing her with text messages. He pleaded guilty although voice recordings were obtained.

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Orlando was re-arrested again for assaulting his girlfriend in an open during an altercation, an eye witness bumped into the issues and gave a full account of it to the police. He was charged with failing to show up at court and also having illicit drugs on him during the time of his arrest.

He was also made to serve some months behind bars for attempting to change the lock of his long-time friend’s restaurant, unfortunately, he was caught as the locks had alarms on them.

He was arrested again for threatening to hurt his brother who accommodated him in his house with a weapon, Orlando who was homeless as of that time was housed in his brother’s basement, but after threatening his life he was put behind bars.

orlando brown Battle with drugs

Orlando after shooting into the limelight battled with the usage of drugs for soo many years which at a point affected his mental well-being. He appeared on Dr. Phil’s show and openly admitted he has put a stop to it and detailed the struggles he had with its usage.

He later sought treatment and after recovering went to testify in the church and also hailed his wife for standing by him.

his social media handles

Orlando is very active on Instagram and uses the name officialorlandobrown

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Some FAQs about Orlando brown wife

who is orlando brown wife?

She is called Daniella Brown.

what does orlando brown do?

Although she is working, her occupation is yet to be known.

how many kids does orlando brown wife have?

She is a proud mum of one.