James goldstein net worth: early life, career& personal life


James Goldstein net worth as of the year 2023 is $350 million made from his many years of working as an estate broker.

Beyond James Goldstein net worth, we shall also look at his early life, career, and personal life.

Who is James Goldstein?

James Goldstein is a real estate broker who also doubles as an investor in NBA and is mostly sighted at their games.

He is said to own one of the biggest houses in Hollywood hills which has served as a venue for hosting many popular celebrities.


Full Name James F. Goldstein
Date of birth January 5, 1940
Age 83years
Nationality American
Profession Real estate broker, NBA investor, Fashion designer
PartnerAmalie Wichmann
Children None
Height 1.73m
Net worth$350 million

Early life

Born to Ellis Goldstein a worker with the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team on January 5, 1940. James as a young guy grew up around basketball which made him develop a strong interest in it. Even at a young he would attend their games and cheer on the players.

He obtained his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University although his program of study isn’t known.


James began a career in mobile homes where he owned several mobile home properties and gave them off to rent. He was involved in several disputes with the housing council due to the exorbitant costs of his properties which was against their law. He was also on the notoriety of putting his tenants in very tight corners which means those who couldn’t afford had to move out.

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He then branched into real estate and architecture where he has so far built many estates buildings across the country. James’s real estate was able to thrive and also survive the test of time due to the intelligent and skilled workers like the late Lautner and Duncan Nicholson he had on board. Unfortunately, Lautner died along the line which was a huge blow to James and also the business as he was one of the masterminds behind most of their architectural works.

James is also believed to have investments in the NBA, a game he has a strong love for, and is on record to be one of their biggest ticket buyers. He normally buys the VIP tickets and is usually spotted in the front row cheering on the players although he has never disclosed his favorite team. He spends much of his time in a year at NBA games and spends close to $500,000 on seats during games. He helped in the putting up of the basketball hall of fame in Massachusetts for the James Goldstein SuperFan gallery.

A fashion enthusiast, James has investments in the fashion business world and is a shareholder of James Goldstein couture womenswear alongside his friends. The business which he launched not long ago sells all kinds of women’s and men’s clothes and is doing pretty well in the market space.

Personal Life

Despite his accomplished life with all the wealth, James has never been married nor had offspring of his own. His reason is he doesn’t believe in the concept of marriage but has been in relationships with several young models.

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He is currently dating Amalie Wichmann whom they are normally spotted at NBA games and also hanging out together.

James Goldstein net worth

James Goldstein net worth is reportedly $350 million although there are speculations it’s more than that as he has failed to give the exact amount. With many estate properties scattered across the country, the 83-year-old entrepreneur smiles to the bank at the end of every month as they bring in good money.

James’s mansion Sheats Goldstein residence is one of the most expensive and most talked about mansions in Hollywood due to the amazing features it contains, it has made appearances in several media outlets. It has also served as an entertainment hub where many celebrities held their birthday parties and also a venue for movie shoots.

His fashion brand James Goldstein couture womenswear which he is a major shareholder is also doing very well in the fashion market and the clothes sold are mostly sold out. Due to that, he plans of expanding it across the world.

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Some FAQs about James Goldstein

is James goldstein married?

James Goldstein has never been married but is in a relationship with Amalie Wichmann.

what is James goldstein net worth?

James Goldstein net worth is currently $350 million.

does James goldstein have kids?

No he doesn’t have kids.