Keith Hernandez net worth: career, divorce& drug use


Keith Hernandez net worth since retiring from the game over three decades ago is estimated to be around $ 16 million. Currently working as a sports analyst and brands ambassador, he makes some good cash from it.

In our article today, we shall look at Keith Hernandez’s career, drug use, and divorce.

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Who is Keith Hernandez?

Keith is a retired basketball player who throughout his career represented the St. Louis Cardinals and New York Mets. He won the best player award on several occasions and also led his team to win many trophies.

Currently retired he works as a sports commentator for fox sports and has gained huge notoriety for always passing controversial statements.


Full name Keith Barlow Hernandez
Date of birth October 20, 1953
Age 69years
Nationality American
Father John Hernandez
Brother Gary Hernandez
Partner Sue Broecker (m.1979div.1983),Kai Thompson(m.2005 div.2011)
Children Three
Occupation Retired baseball player, Sports analyst, Actor
Net worth $16 million

Early life

Born and raised in USA, California states to be precise, Keith was raised under the care of his both parents and elder brother.

A talented player right from infancy, Keith was part of his high school’s first selection where he displayed a top-notch performance.

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Despite being an instrumental player in the school’s team, Keith was also known for being a recalcitrant student who always had problems with his coach.


Keith signed his professional contract with St. Louis, where he gave off his best performance to the team. He was known for being very committed to the game and also hardworking which saw him winning the National league’s most valuable player.

He later joined New York Mets after St. Louis deciding not to renew their contract with him. His team manager as of the time Whitey Herzorg came out to reveal his reason for getting rid of Keith was due to his bad influence on his teammates.

Keith then signed for New York Mets where he challenged himself to prove his critics wrong and helped them win several tournaments. He was given the captain role due to his strength and charisma on the field of play. Keith led his team to win the 1986 World Series, they offloaded him after his contract expired.

He joined Cleveland Indians on a short-term deal but couldn’t give off his best as his career was always hampered by a series of injuries causing him to hang the boot at the end of the season.

After retiring he was included in the New York Mets hall of famers list due to the huge impact made on the team during his tenure.

Keith Hernandez beyond the game of baseball also pursued a career in acting which he was featured in several projects such as ”The Boyfriend” and the kid’s educational movie sesame streets. He also made an appearance in Dick wolf’s movie Law& order and the ghostwriter movie.

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Keith since retiring has been working as a sports analyst on MLB on fox where is noted for passing sarcastic and controversial statements.

He once passed a homophobic statement that didn’t sit well with his followers causing him to later come and apologize.

Drug use

Keith has been accused strongly of playing under the influence of hard drugs during his prime, which led to his former team St.Louis offloading him.

He came out to confirm the rumor as being true as he did it out of frustration when he parted ways with his wife.

He turned a new leaf after New York Mets after seeing his former colleague destroyed by the usage of cocaine.


Keith despite his huge impact made in the game of baseball seems not to be lucky with marriage.

His first marriage to Sue Broecker folded up due to unreconcilable differences despite producing three kids. He married Kai Thompson which was also short-lived.

Keith Hernandez net worth

Keith despite retiring a very long time has a net worth sitting at $16 million which he made a chunk from baseball, acting, and his sports commentary occupation.

He also makes good money from his ambassadorial deals with brands such as ”Just for men” and ”Coin galleries of oyster bay”.

These deals fetched him millions although the monies involved were never revealed to the public.

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Some FAQs about Keith Hernandez

What does Keith hernandez do now?

Keith currently works as a sports analyst MLB on fox.

How old is keith hernandez?

Keith is 69 years at the moment and would turn 70 on October 20 this year 2023.