Phoebe Lithgow: everything to know about her


Phoebe Lithgow is the biological daughter of renowned actor and musician John Lithgow. In our article today, we shall look at everything to know about her and her father’s career.

Who is Phoebe Lithgow?

Phoebe Lithgow is the biological daughter of the legendary actor and musician John Lithgow, despite her dad’s huge influence in the entertainment space, she works as a health practitioner.


Full Name Phoebe Lithgow
Date of birth 1982
Age 41years
Nationality American
Parents John Lithgow and Mary Yeager
GrandparentSarah Jane and Arthur Washington
Siblings Nathan and Ian
Profession Health practitioner
Net worth Unknown

Early life

Born and raised in New York to the legendary actor John Lithgow and Educationist Mary Yeager, she is the second of three kids.

Phoebe had all her education in New York and holds a bachelor’s and masters in nursing.


Phoebe Lithgow after graduating reportedly works at a healthcare center in New York and holds a very big position there.

She sees to the diagnosing and prescribing of good drugs to the sick and aged. Phoebe also attends to those in the maternity ward and also sees to the immunization of fresh babies.

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Phoebe Lithgow Net worth

Phoebe Lithgow net worth is currently unknown but she’s reportedly earning big money looking at her academic qualifications and also experience in the health field.

Despite his dad being worth over $50 million, Phoebe has failed to disclose her worth.

Meet Phoebe Lithgow Family

Her husband

Phoebe is a happily married woman living with her husband and kids in New York but is very private about it. The media has tried getting photos of her family but all have proved futile.

Her elder brother

Ian Lithgow born on February 3, 1972, is the half-brother and big brother of Phoebe and also the elderly son of John Lithgow. Just like his half-sister Ian pursued a career in health specializing in psychology but included acting too.

Ian has so far featured several movie projects like 3rd rock from the sun, bull, tesla, and Perry mason where he displayed an exceptional performance thanks to mentorship from his dad.

Ian is a full member of the American Association of marriage and family therapy where he attends to people battling marital problems and unhappiness and contemplating suicide.

Ian is married to Rachel and are blessed with two kids.

Her younger brother

Born Nathan on September 13, 1983, he is the youngest of three children. He attended New York Gallatin University where he graduated with distinction in music and photography.

Nathan has since then being working in the hospitality business and owns his own eatery called Holy Ground BBQ. Nathan has also played instruments for music bands.

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He is very active on Instagram with the name nugatu

Her mother

Mary Yeager is an educationist at the University whose area of teaching is history and has been teaching for more than two decades.

Beyond teaching, she has seen to the supervision of student’s project work and also regularly inspires them to work harder. Mary met John years after his divorce from Jean Taynton.

Her Father

Born John Arthur Lithgow on October 19, 1945, into a family of entertainers where both parents were actively involved in the movie and production business.

John drew huge inspiration from his parents and also branched in acting and has since then appeared in over 50 movies throughout his over four decades in the industry.

A man of many talents, John Lithgow has played the voice actor for many animated series with the famous one in the Shrek movie.

He is also a book writer who has written several educative story books for kids and has had the honor of speaking at kid’s programs.

John is also a well-seasoned musician with countless singles and albums. He has also added his voice to the sexual harassment going on in the movie industry.
He has also received several prestigious awards like Emmy and Golden Globe awards.

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Some FAQs about Phoebe Lithgow

is phoebe lithgow related to john lithgow?

Yes she is the second born of the legendary actor.

what is phoebe lithgow net worth?

Phoebe Lithgow net worth isn’t known but she is rumored to be living a very comfortable life.

who is phoebe lithgow husband?

The name of her husband isn’t known yet as she is very private about it.