Grace Jones net worth, early life, career and influence


Grace jones net worth keeps going up despite she being an immigrant, she has managed to establish herself as one of the most successful black entertainers.

Not deterred by her color, Grace jones is not only successful but commands huge respect and is very influential in the entertainment space.

Grace jones also made the list as one of the greatest women of rock and roll and is one of the brains behind cross-dressing. We deem it a great pleasure to discuss Grace Jones net worth with you today.

Who is Grace Jones?

Grace Jones is a veteran American singer, model, actress, and songwriter with over four decades of experience in the entertainment industry.

She has the trademark of always appearing on stages or events in weird hairstyles and dresses. Her versatility has also seen her work alongside many great talents such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eddie Murphy and Tim Curry.

Another interesting thing about Grace jones is she comes from a very strong religious background. The post won’t be limited to only her net worth but her early life, career, influence, and personal life


NameGrace Beverly Jones
NicknameGrace Mendoza
Date of birth19th May,1948
ProfessionActress, model, singer, songwriter
RelationshipJean-Paul Goude(1977-1980)Dolph Lundgren(1981-1985)Sven-Ole Thorsen(1990-1995)Atila Altaunbay(m.1996-2004)
BrotherNoel Jones
Net worth$7million

Grace Jones Early Life

Born and bred in a suburb of Jamaica called Spanish town to parents of very high repute, Grace’s parents migrated to the USA when she was still young.

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When leaving, they left her and her siblings in the care of their strict grandparents. Grace Jones was subjected to intense discipline anytime she went astray, an act that drew her closer to God.

Her parents then came for her to the USA where she had a larger part of her education.

Grace Jones at some point couldn’t contain the tough restrictions placed on her by her parents so she opinionated them and started doing the opposite of what they wanted.

She relocated to New York where she commenced a career in modeling before finally heading to Paris. In Paris, she worked for several notable fashion brands such as Claude Montana and Yves Saint Lauren.

Grace Jones Career

Grace had her first signing with record label Island records under the supervision of producer Tom Moulton who groomed her to come out with her first album. It paved way for her to start performing at night clubs where she mostly mounted the stage in seductive clothes.

Grace jones then released an album called nightclubbing which topped the music charts for several days.

After enjoying huge success with her numerous hits she tried her hands on acting which she had her first role in the Conan movie and acted alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The movie earned her a nomination as the best supporting actress which caught the eyes of movie producers who began casting her.

Grace then went back to singing and her next album Slave to the rhythm placed second on the UK album chart list as the most ranked.

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Due to her huge influence, she has had the chance of performing at several music festivals and shows across the globe.

Grace Jones Influence

Grace jones throughout her five decades in the entertainment industry has been a great influence on singers such as Madonna, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. These amazing talents were able to follow in her raunchy fashion footsteps and also her energetic stage performance.

Grace Jones is also recognized as one of the pacesetters in cross-dressing a brand she started in her prime and has now been globally accepted.

Grace Jones Personal life

Although brought up from a very strict religious background, Grace opted out of religion as she felt her dad was infringing upon her rights. His younger brother Noel jones followed in their father’s footsteps and currently works as a clergyman.

Grace had her only son Paulo with French graphic designer Jean-Paul Goude before getting married to Atila Altaunbay. She also had a fling with actor Dolph Lundgren who once worked as her bouncer before moving on with Sven-Ole Thorsen a Danish actor.

Grace Jones Net worth

Grace Jones net worth currently sits at $ 7 million thanks to her many years of entertaining the crowd on stage and at music festivals. She also raked in millions from her music sales and modelling contracts with top brands.

After emerging the best supporting actress in the Conan movie, her price went up as she was charging huge sums of money before appearing in movies.

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Some FAQs about Grace Jones,

Was Grace Jones a raunchy dresser?

Every ardent follower of entertainment since the 70s and 80s would attest to the fact that Grace jones was one of the raunchy dressers. She actually started off her career by performing in nightclubs and made sure she wore raunchy clothes to attract her fans.

Is Grace Jones married?

Grace jones last marriage was with Turkish Atila Altaunbay, but currently single.

What is Grace Jones Net Worth?

With her career spanning over five decades, Grace Jones net worth sits at $7million at the moment.