Angela Aguilar Net worth: Age, Height and career


Let’s talk about Angela Aguilar net worth today in this post. Angela Aguilar is a young and versatile American-Mexican singer, model, songwriter, musician, social media influencer, and entrepreneur from Los Angeles, California, United States.

Her full name is Ángela Aguilar Álvarez Alcalá, born on October 8, 2003. Angela Aguilar is 19 years old and will celebrate her 20th birthday in 2023.

She is well-known as a celebrity kid like Bodhi Ransom Green and has followed in her parent’s footsteps. Her father, Pepe Aguilar, is a well-known American-Mexican singer who has garnered a name in the industry.

We looked closely at Angela Aguilar’s background and discovered that her grandparents were famous singers. No wonder Angela Aguilar’s family has that energy for that profession.

Angela Aguilar started singing very young and has collaborated with her father and some of her family members on many popular music projects.

This young star has released many hit singles and albums and is well-known in the music industry today. Today, I will walk you closely into the life of Angela Aguilar and her net worth. You’ll learn everything about this young musician, including her personal life.

In April 2022, Angela Aguilar became the topic of many social media platforms after a picture of her was spotted kissing a Mexican composer, Gussy Lau, went viral. Later on, it was confirmed by Gussy Lau that both were in a romantic relationship.

I will talk about her romantic life later in this post. But for now, let’s discuss her early life and profile summary before going to Angela Aguilar net worth.

Who Is Angela Aguilar?

Full NameÁngela Aguilar Álvarez Alcalá
Best Known AsAngela Aguilar
Date Of BirthOctober 8, 2003
Age19 Years
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter
Net Worth$6 Million
Last Updated2022
Angela Aguilar Net Worth Summary

Angela Aguilar was born as Ángela Aguilar Álvarez Alcalá on October 8, 2003 in Los Angeles. She is a Mexican-American singer. Angela Aguilar has garnered notable recognition after performing “La Llorona” at the 19th Annual Latin Grammy Awards in 2019.

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And to your surprise, her grandparents are the actors and singers from the Golden Age Of Mexican Cinema, Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre. Her father, Pepe Aguilar, is also a best-selling, award-winning Mexican singer, songwriter, and producer.

How Angela Aguilar Started Her Singing Career

Angela Aguilar Net Worth
Angela Aguilar Net Worth

Angela Aguilar started her professional singing career at a very young age. Angela appeared in many music events with her father, Pepe Aguilar and brother, Leonardo Aguilar.

Angela Aguilar has released several hit songs such as La Llorona, Ella Qué Te Dio, Fruta Prohibida, and others. She has also garnered several awards, including the Latin Grammy Awards nominations.

Angela Aguilar Songs (La Llorona)

  1. México Lindo y Querido
  2. Ahí Donde Me Ven.
  3. Tu Sangre en mi Cuerpo.
  4. En Realidad.
  5. La Llorona.
  6. Fruta Prohibida.
  7. Ella Qué Te Dio.
  8. La Chancla.
  9. Dime Cómo Quieres.
  10. La Malagueña.
  11. Como la Flor.
  12. La Basurita.
  13. La Tequilera.

What Is Angela Aguilar Net worth?

Angela Aguilar Net worth stands at $6 million as of 2022. With a net worth sitting at $6 million, Angela made a chunk of her money from her numerous live concert headlines and also the world tours she has embarked on.

Currently, with over 3.4 million subscribers on her YouTube channel where she normally uploads most of her songs, Angela makes good money from her channel as her fans mostly watch her videos.

She also has her works available on other streaming platforms where she earns big money from them due to her over a million fans.

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A smart chap she has been able to invest a chunk of her money in other business ventures which generates a lot of money for her annually. She also owns beautiful mansions in both Mexico and USA.

How Old Is Angela Aguilar?

What is Angela Aguilar’s age today? She was born on October 8, 2003, in Los Angeles. As of 2022, Angela Aguilar is 19 and will celebrate her 20th birthday on October 8, 2023.

Angela Aguilar Height

Angela is 1.67m tall who who knows she may increase more in height as she grows.

Who Is Angela Aguilar’s Father?

Pepe Aguilar is an American-born Mexican artist who plies his trade between both countries and records in both Mexican and English. Born to the legendary Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre who were also great musicians who dominated the music scene heavily in the 70s and 80s.

He has headlined several big shows and has embarked on several world tours in which tickets were completely sold out.

His unique singing skills have seen him win several big awards including the Grammys, Latin Grammy award, and the Lo Nuestro award. He was also honored with a Hollywood walk of fame in recognition of his massive impact on both the Mexican and American music industry.

Who Are Angela Aguilar’s Brothers?

Angela Aguilar has two brothers named Leonardo Aguilar and Emiliano Aguilar. Angela started her singing career with her brother Leonardo Aguilar and her dad when touring the world at a very young age. She also has a sister called Aneliz Aguilar.

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Who Is Angela Aguilar Dating?

Angela Aguilar Novia

Angela Aguilar is said to be dating Gussy Lau, a Mexican singer, songwriter, and composer who has won many awards, including the Latin Grammy.

Aguilar and Gussy first connected in 2021 while Gussy was working with Equiniccio Records, run by Angela’s father. Being in the same industry made it simpler for them to collaborate, which strengthened their relationship.

Angella and Gussy were photographed kissing in April 2022, and one of Gussy’s friends posted the pictures online. And people started talking about them, which let them go viral.

Later, Gussy Lau confirmed that the duo are in a romantic relationship, and their parents are aware of it. According to sources, the pair started dating in early February 2022.

Gussy Lau is a singer, songwriter, and composer from Mexico. His romance with the well-known singer and composer Angela Aguilar pushed him into the spotlight in April 2022. Currently, he is a member of Pepe Aguilar’s record company, Equinoccio Records.