Top 100 Richest Celebrities


The top 100 richest celebrities in the world have ridiculously expensive lifestyles to maintain, and this can sometimes spiral out of hand really quickly. Nevertheless, most of the people on this list have shown remarkable ability; constantly in front of the media cameras, yet managing their finances well.

The top 100 richest celebrities in the world typically come from a few countries with massive entertainment industries. That does not make it easier to define who a celebrity is; CEOs, Investors, Politicians, and Academics can be just as popular as actors and musicians, they can even command larger fan followership.

The Top 100 richest celebrities

Do not expect to see only singers and dancers on this list; some people do not have these talents, but they are just as popular as those who do.

Below is our Top 100 Richest Celebrities ranking.

PositionNameNet worthCountry
1Elon Musk$172.9 BillionUnited States
2Jeff Bezos$125.1 BillionUnited States
3Bill Gates$113.2 BillionUnited States
4Mark Zuckerberg$86.9 BillionUnited States
5Rupert Murdoch$17.6 BillionAustralia
6Donald Newhouse$11 BillionUnited States
7Georgio Armani$11 BillionItaly
8Robert Kraft$10.6 BillionAmerican
9Roman Abrahamovic$9.6 BillionIsraeli- Russian- Portuguese
9Ralph Lauren$7.1 BillionAmerican
10Silvio Berlusconi$7 BillionItaly
11George Lucas$5.2 BillionUnited States
12Steven Spielberg$4 BillionUnited States
13Jeffrey Lurie$4.4 billionAmerican
14Joao Moreira Salles$4 BillionBrazil
15Clive Calder$4.5 BillionUnited kingdom
16Patrizio Bertelli$4 BillionItaly
17Barbara Piasecka Johnson$3.6 Billion
18Miuccia Prada$3.5 BillionItaly
19James Packer$3.5 BillionAustralia
20Arnon Milchan$3.4 Billion
21Vince McMahon$3.3 BillionUnited States
22Silvio Santos$3 billionBrazil
23Haim Saban$3 BillionIsrael-American
24Richard Branson$3 BillionBritish
25Kalanithi Maran$2.6 BillionIndia
26Oprah Winfrey$2.5 BillionAmerican
27Donald Trump$2.5 BillionAmerican
28Jay Z$2.5 BillionAmerican
29Mort Zuckerman$2.3 BillionAmerican
30Ted Turner$2.3 BillionAmerican
31John de Mol$2 BillionNetherlands
32David Hearst Jr$2 BillionAmerican
33Austin Hearst$2 BillionAmerican
34U2$2 BillionBritish American
35Michael Jordan$2 BillionUnited states
36Richard Desmond$1.2 BillionBritain
37Bob Johnson$1.7 BillionAmerican
38Andrea Della Valle$1.6 BillionItaly
39Kim Kardashian$1.5 BillionUnited States
40Joop van den Ende$1.3 BillionNetherlands
41Yuriy Kosyuk$1.6 BillionUkraine
42Rihanna$1.4 billionUnited States- Barbados
43Paul McCartney$1.2 BillionBritish
44Andrew Lloyd Webber$1.3 BillionBritish
45Cameron Mackintosh$1.2 BillionUnited kingdom
46Slavica Ecclestone$1.2 BillionUnited kingdom
47Elisabeth Badinter$1.1 Billion
48Jonathan Harmsworth$1.1 BillionUnited kingdom
49Viscount Rothermere and family$1.095 BillionUnited kingdom
50J.K. Rowling$1 billionUnited Kingdom
51The Rolling Stones$1 billionUnited Kingdom
52David Copperfield$1 billionUnited States
53Jerry Bruckheimer$1 billionUnited States
54Sean Combs- P Diddy$1 billionUnited States
55Aishwarya Al Alsaud$1 billionSaudi Arabia
56Lebron James$1 billionUnited States
57David Bromilow975 millionUnited Kingdom
58Jerry Seinfeld$950 MillionUnited states
59Jeffrey Katzenberg$900 millionUnited states
60Kylie Jenner$900 MillionUnited states
61Tory Burch$850 MillionUnited states
62Madonna850 millionUnited states
63Herb Alpert$850 MillionUnited states
64Peter Guber$800 millionUnited states
65James Patterson$800 MillionUnited states
66Celine Dion$800 millionUnited states
67Shahrukh Khan$750 MillionIndian
68Jerry Moss$700 millionUnited states
69Jann Wenner$700 millionUnited states
70Joe Roth$700 millionUnited states
71James Cameron$700 millionCanada
72Vera Wang$650 millionUnited States
73Howard Stern$650 millionUnited States
74Louise Blouin$637.5 MillionUnited kingdom
75Magic Johnson$620 millionUnited States
76Julian Dunkerton$615 MillionUnited kingdom
77Simon Fuller$600 MillionUnited kingdom
78Candy Spelling$600 millionUnited states
79Chuck Lorre$600 MillionUnited states
80Tom Brady$512 millionUnited states
81Cristiano Ronaldo$500 MillionPortugal
82Beyonce$500 millionUnited states
83David Beckham$450 millionUnited states
84Dr. Dre$400 MillionUnited states
85Lionel Messi$400 MillionArgentina
86Larry David$400 millionUnited states
87Shaquille O’neal$400 millionUnited States
88Dick Wolf$550 MillionUnited states
89Simon Cowell$550 MillionUnited kingdom
90Tom Cruise$550 MillionUnited states
91Mariah Carey$535 MillionUnited states
92Paulo Coelho$500 MillionBrazil
93Jocelyn Wildenstein$500 MillionUnited states
94Yoko Ono$500 MillionJapan
95Matt Groening$500 MillionUnited states
96Emilio Estefan$500 MillionUnited states
97Dolly Parton$500 MillionUnited states
98Gloria Estefan$500 MillionUnited states
99Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen$500 MillionUnited states
100George Clooney$500 MillionUnited states
List Of Top 100 Richest Celebrities

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