Magnus Mitchell Handelman: career, family, and his parent’s infertility struggle


Magnus Mitchell Handelman cute pictures have been circulating on social media for some time now. The young man seems to be enjoying life even at a very young age thanks to the solid foundation laid by his successful parents. Well in case the Handleman surname is sounding a bit familiar in your ear then your guess is good as mine.

Magnus is the second child of sportswriter Max Handelman and actress Elizabeth banks which they had through surrogacy means. To wet your appetite more, we shall also talk about Magnus Mitchell Handelman’s career, family, and his parent’s infertility struggle.

Who is Magnus Mitchell Handelman?

Magnus is a celebrity kid born to award-winning actress Elizabeth banks and one of the finest sports columnist Max Handelman. Despite his parents being very influential people in the entertainment industry they barely post him on social media as they believe he is too young to be exposed.


Full Name Magnus Mitchell Handelman
Date of birth November 14, 2012
Age 9 years
Nationality American
Height 2 feet 7 inches
Parents Elizabeth banks and Max Handelman
Brother Felix Handelman
Net worth Unknown

Early life

Magnus was born and raised in Los Angeles on November 14, 2012, to actress Elizabeth banks and sports columnist Max Handleman. He is the second and youngest of the couple’s two kids as there is no news of them having extra kids.

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He is currently enrolled in an expensive basic in Los Angeles but the name of the school has not been made available to the public.


Magnus despite having talented parents with years of working experience in the entertainment industry, has not yet shown any keen interest in acting or sports. He is at the moment very focused on his schooling and his parents are always ready to support him should he show interest in any area.

Net worth

Magnus unfortunately hasn’t gotten to the legal age where he can work and earn money so therefore has no net worth. But thanks to his parents who have worked their asses off for so many years to accumulate enough money to cater for him and his brother. His parents combined worth is estimated at around $ 50 million.

Meet Magnus Mitchell Handelman family

His father

Born on May 3, 1973, Max Handelman had his upbringing in Oregon where he educated himself up to the masters level before finally branching into movie production.

He has so far through his production brownstone produced many movies such as Cocaine bear, Charlie’s angel, and perfect pitch. Despite his busy schedule, he is a very responsible husband and father who always put his family first in everything.

His mother

Born Elizabeth Irene Mitchell on February 10, 1974, into a very comfortable home as both parents had very decent jobs that kept the family together. She schooled up to the masters level before beginning a career in acting and filmmaking. She has so far featured in over 30 movies including her breakthrough movie 40-year-old-virgin.

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Elizabeth received huge backlash for making teenagers use cocaine in her movie ”Cocaine bear”, which many movie critics said it could lead to the kids becoming drug addicts in the future. She together with one of the producers came out to defend it saying there was nothing harmful about it.

Elizabeth a well-known feminist has made gender-biased comments in the past which didn’t sit well with many. Whilst promoting her movie Charlie’s angels she tagged Captain marvel and wonder woman as male genre movies. She was heavily criticized for such statements.

His brother

Born Felix Handelman on March 2011, he is the first child of his parents and also an elderly brother to Magnus. He is currently enrolled in basic school in Los Angeles and pictures of him are mostly shared on his mother’s Instagram page elizabethbanks

his parent’s infertility struggle

Magnus’s parents are said to have met in their early days at the University where they began dating and tied the knot in 2003.

Despite their many years of marriage they struggled to have children of their own as Elizabeth battled with serious health issues with her reproductive system that rendered her sterile, a problem that was a huge blow to him and her husband.

They had to then resort to surrogacy means to have their two kids.

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Some FAQs about Magnus Mitchell Handelman

what is the name of Magnus Mitchell Handelman’s parent company?

The name of the company is Brownstone production.

what does Magnus Mitchell Handelman father do?

His father Max Handelman is a sport columnist and movie producer.