James may net worth: career, partner, layoff from Autocar, and fallout with Jeremy Clarkson


James May net worth has been a topic many media houses have discussing for some time now. Well per our findings and estimates the media personality and writer’s net worth as of 2023 is $ 40 million.

It doesn’t come as a surprise looking at his hard work and dedication for the past four decades now he deserves the best. Aside from James May net worth we shall also touch on his early life, career, partner, layoff from Autocar, and fallout with Jeremy Clarkson. I know you would love this article after reading it till the end.

Who is James May?

James is a British broadcaster and writer with an amazing career spanning over four decades. Beyond his media works he has also served as a presenter for several automobile television shows.


Full Name James Daniel May
Date of birth January 16, 1963
Age 60 years
Nationality British
Occupation Broadcaster, Writer
Partner Sarah frater
Net worth $ 40 million

Early life

James was born and raised in bristol a city located in the southwestern part of England to a metals worker father called James May and his wife Kathleen. He schooled up to the University level graduating with a first degree in musical instruments before taking up a short course in blacksmith works.

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James worked for a short period in the cooperate world before moving on to work as a blacksmith in the mechanical industry. He fell deeply in love with his work as a blacksmith because it was the work his dad did.

He then began a career as a writer in the mechanical industry where he wrote several articles on cars and their specifications. Due to his deep knowledge in mechanics, he had the honor of working for several automobile companies. Through that, he was able to give car buyers the real efficiency of the said car and also how long it would last.

James then moved on to hosting television shows centered around automobiles, some of the shows he hosted were Driven, London boat show, and James May’s top toys. These mentioned shows gave car lovers a clear glimpse of different kinds of automobile products and how they function when in use.

James was then employed to work with Top gear an automobile documentary series broadcasted on the BBC network. He was made the co-host and saw to the testing and driving of several luxurious cars and also how safe they were on the road.

An adventurous person, James has been involved in several scientific projects and inventions as he is more curious about how some products are made. He also took the risk of flying to the moon during the 40th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing and also had the chance of getting a clear view of the earth.

James joined colleague broadcaster and wine columnist Oz Clark to shoot a wine documentary called Oz and James’s big wine adventure. The documentary saw them tour all across France and California. He then partnered with Amazon Prime video and came up with a traveling documentary focused on experiencing other country’s culture.

Layoff from Autocar

James was laid off during his early years with the British automobile magazine company Autocar due to an intentional error he made after getting fed up with the job. His bosses didn’t take it lightly leading to him being sacked.

Fallout with Jeremy Clarkson

James may and former colleague Jeremy Clarkson fell out due to an uncouth behavior Jeremy exhibited during his time with Top gear. Jeremy was said to have engaged in a fight with one of the producers of the show which later led to him being sued and fired.

James criticized Jeremy’s action which didn’t sit well with him and since then Jeremy has been through subliminal shots at him on social media.

Personal life

James has been married to dance columnist and pundit Sarah frater for the past twenty years now. Sarah is very level knowledgeable about dance and has produced several columns and also appeared as a judge at dance competitions.

The couples live together in west London and have no children of their own, but are fond of each and are mostly seen attending car and dance programs.

James may net worth

James may net worth is $ 40 million as of 2023. James made lots of money from the several automobile companies and magazines he worked with in the past.

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He is a shareholder in the royal oak pub in Swallowcliffe Wiltshire and also owns several expensive homes in London. As someone working in the automobile industry, he owns several expensive cars.

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Some FAQs about James May

how many kids does James may have?

He has no kids of his own.

what is james may net worth?

James net worth as of 2023 is $ 40 million.

what is the name of james may wife?

She is called Sarah frater.