Bryan cranston net worth: career, philanthropic act, and family


Bryan Cranston net worth as of 2023 stands at $ 40 million made from his four decades in acting and production of movies. One of his highest-grossing movies was the breaking bad television series which his character played earned him millions of dollars. Beyond Bryan Cranston net worth we shall also look at his career, philanthropic act, and family. Hope you enjoy this article as you read on

Who Is Bryan Cranston?

Bryan Cranston is an award-winning actor, producer, and voice-over actor who has featured in over 50 movie projects and also played the voice-over in animated series. With over four decades of experience in the acting business, he has won many prestigious awards by dent of his hard and also inspiration from his parents who were both actors.


Full Name Bryan Lee Cranston
Date of birth March 7, 1956
Age 67 years
Nationality American
PartnerMickey Middleton
​(m. 1977; div. 1982)​
Robin Dearden
​(m. 1989)
Daughter Taylor Dearden Cranston
Father Joseph Cranston
Profession Actor, Director
Net worth$40 million

early life

Born into a family of actors, both parents Audrey Peggy Sell and Joseph Cranston were both in the acting business although his dad did odd jobs in the beginning. Despite his dad’s huge influence he wasn’t involved in his upbringing causing him to be raised by grandparents. He schooled up the colleague level where he developed a strong passion for acting.

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Despite his parents being very influential figures in the movie industry, they didn’t support his dream of following in their footsteps although he took huge inspiration from them. A young Bryan hustled his way to the top doing odd jobs to keep himself going before branching into acting which he first starred in the Loving movie series. He excelled greatly on his first attempt which caught the eye of producers who featured him in movie projects such as Power Rangers. Raising Miranda and Babylon 5. Bryan’s role in Malcolm in the Middle series which he featured in for six years earned him his first award nomination.

He later on featured in the” How I met your mother” series movie before having appeared in his biggest movie Breaking Bad playing the Walter White character. The series movie made him win the primetime awards. A man of many talents he also played the voice-over in several animated series such as Madagascar, Batman, and Kungfu Panda.

Bryan currently has plans underway to take a deep break from citing activities and spend time with adequate time with his wife Robin. He hails her as being a very instrumental person in his career and also standing by her through thick and thin. Bryan however refuted claims that he retiring completely from acting but rather said he wants to use that break period to rebrand his acting style.

casting controversy

Brayn faced a huge backlash when he played the role of a disabled person in the movie ”The Upside” in which he was a billionaire confined in a wheelchair. In the movie comedian, Kevin Hart played the role of his caretaker which stirred mixed reactions from his disabled fans who said the actor shouldn’t have accepted it but should have rather allowed a disabled person to do that. Bryan came out to defend his actions that as an actor he is supposed to play

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meet his family

his father

Brayn was born to the late Joseph Cranston an actor and producer who woned the Joseph Cranston Productions. Although he was never involved in his children’s upbringing he later popped up and formed a very close bond with them. He had the honor of acting alongside his son Brayn in the movie the Big Turnaround”

his wife

Robin Gale Dearden is Bryan’s second wife after his first marriage with Mickey Middleton which folded up after five years. Born in 1953 she also works as an actress and has been his husband’s strongest pillar in his career. Robin has been featured in projects such as Magnum P. I and murder.

his daughter

A chip of the old block, Taylor Dearden is the only daughter of the legendary actor and his wife and also works as an actress. Born Taylor Dearden Cranston on February 12, 1993, to Bryan Cranston and Robin who inspired her dreams of becoming an actress. She has a strong educational background in acting and has been featured in movies such as Breaking Bad and For all mankind.

philantropic deeds

A man with a soft heart, Brayn beyond the screen works is also known for his giving spirit. He donated his plasma after recovering from covd19 and edged his fans to also do the same to help people with very weak immune systems. He also donates to support HIV AIDS foundations.

bryan cranston net worth

Bryan cranston net worth currently sits at $ 40 million made from his acting, voice-over, and production career. His biggest career earning came from his role in the breaking bad movie in which he played the Walter White character.

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He was reportedly earning $225,000 per episode. He also made good money from his voice-over roles in Madagascar, batman, and Kungfu Panda animated series. Bryan pocketed millions from his Ford commercials. He previously owned a beach house he purchased for $ 2.5 million in 2007 but later sold it off for $5.45million and also owned a fleet of BMW cars. All this projects made Bryan Cranston net worth shoot up

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Some FAQS about Bryan Cranston

does bryan cranston still act?

Yes but plans to pause when he clocks 70years in 2026.

how much bryan cranston earn from his ford Advertisement?

Details about the contract was never disclosed to public