Ken curtis’s net worth: Early life, career and death


Ken Curtis’s net worth as of 2023 is estimated at around $5 million despite his demise soo many years ago, his works still fetch money for his family.

A singer and actor, Ken wowed the fans with his Festus character and also stage energy when singing. He reigned for quite a long time till a terminal illness took his life away.

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The article won’t be limited to his net worth only but also his early life, career, and cremation after death.


Full NameCurtis Wain Gates
NicknameKen Curtis
Date of birthJune 2, 1916
DiedApril 28, 1991
ProfessionActor, Singer
PartnerLorraine Page(divorced),Barbara ford(Divorced),Torrie Ahern Connelly
Net worth$5 million

Ken Curtis Early life

Born in the southeastern part of Colorado to a government official father and a prison chef. Ken lived most of his formative years in the southeastern part of Colorado before relocating to the eastern side.

Over there his father held the position of a government official for five good years with his mother a cook for the prisoners.

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He had his high school education in the eastern part of Colorado where he was part of the school team’s first selection and also a band member.

Ken also had a short stint with the American army during World War II before signing out to join study medicine at Colorado College.

Unfortunately, Ken dropped out of medical school to chase his music dream

ken curtis Career

Ken then joined the music band headed by jazz trombonist Tommy Dorsey which they played several music shows together across the country. It was also a grooming field for Ken as it helped polished his music and performing skills.

Ken along the line joined the Shep Fields band which also gave fans amazing performances and brass tunes. He then went on to work as a radio host for which was one of the country’s longest-existing radio broadcasts.

Ken joined the Son of Pioneers which was one of the country’s most versatile music groups whose talent cut across creative recordings, songwriting, and energetic stage performances. His affiliation with the group gave birth to many of his hits songs which chalked huge success.

After enjoying success in the music space, Ken branched into film acting which he affiliated himself with one of the best movie production companies Columbia pictures.

Under their umbrella, Ken worked on several of their projects including The searchers, The quiet man, The wings of an eagle, and how the wish was won.

He won the masses hearts with his role as Festus Haggen a dirty and ill-mannered deputy in the Gunsmoke television series .

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His performance superseded his predecessors so therefore he was allowed to play the character for long.

ken curtis Activism

Ken Curtis was also a strong republican supporter prompting him to throw his weight behind presidential candidates Barry Goldwater and Ronald Regan when they were contesting for the presidential seats.

ken curtis Legacy

Due to his huge impact on the entertainment industry, he had his name inducted in the Western Performers hall of fame list with a statue of his Festus Haggen character built for him in California.

ken curtis Personal life

Ken Curtis’s first marriage to Lorraine page ended up in a divorce due to unreconcilable differences same as his second marriage to Barbara ford.

It was his third marriage to Torrie Connelly which lasted till his demise

Death and Cremation

Ken Curtis was diagnosed of advanced lung cancer and given a few years to live. He then resorted to medical treatment and spiritual healing which Psalm 23 become his favorite prayer topic every day.

He battled the illness for eight good years before giving up the ghost in 1991 after suffering from a heart attack in a sleep.

His body was cremated and the remains spread all over the Colorado vicinity he grew up.

Ken Curtis’s Net worth

Ken Curtis’s net worth is currently estimated at around $ 5 million.

Much of the earnings comes from his royalties in music and also income generated from his hay days as an actor.

Despite being dead his family still enjoys the proceeds of his many projects.

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Some FAQs about Ken Curtis

What was Ken Curtis Height?

Ken Curtis was 1.83cm tall.

What is ken curtis’s net worth?

Ken Curtis net worth as of 2023 is estimated around $5 million.

What killed Ken Curtis?

Ken Curtis died of of heart attack although he had an underlining health issue of lung cancer.

what was done to Ken curtis body?

His body was cremated and the ashes spread all across the Colorado vicinity.