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If you want to know about the life of Henrietta Borstein Douglas, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find details on her Biography, Age, and Career. She is one of Hollywood’s brightest young stars and is considered a true Hollywood celebrity. Her parents, Jackson Douglas and Alex Borstein are also quite protective of their daughter, so you’ll find out more about her in this article

who is Henrietta Borstein Douglas?

As an 11-year-old, Henrietta Borstein Douglas is already receiving Paparazzi’s attention everywhere she goes. Her parents are a little more protective of her than they used to be. As the daughter of Alexandrea Borstein dating and Marjorie Borstein, she is learning to balance her life in the spotlight with a more ordinary one. She is very close to her uncle Adam Borstein and has a loving family.

Her Profile

Full NameHenrietta Borstein Douglas
Birth Date1 October 2012
ParentsAlexandrea Borstein and Jackson Douglas
SiblingBarnaby Borstein Douglas
Famous asCelebrity kid


Henrietta Borstein Douglas was born on 12 October 2012 in the United States of America. She is a cute little girl whose star sign is the zodiac and just like her parents, is Jewish. She is the daughter of a well-known celebrity couple: Jackson Fredrick Douglas and Alexandrea Borstein. She is considered a celebrity and was surrounded by the media since the day she was born. This constant media coverage has made her the center of attention in the world.

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It is reported that she stays with her mum in New York City lavish apartment.

Her parents are Alexandrea Bronstein who appeared in the famous television series Family Guy, and Jackson Douglas. She also has an elder brother whose name is Barnaby Borstein Douglas. They both have just 4 years age difference between them.

her Family

She is the daughter of Jackson Douglas and Alexandrea Borstein. She has the best relationship with her grandmother and grandfather. Her grandfather is Irv Borstein, while her grandmother’s name is Judy Borstein. However, she mostly loves her uncle Adam Borstein, and she spends more of her time with her uncle.


Her mother’s name is Alexandrea Borstein, and she was born on 15th February 1979 in the United States of America. She is not a common lady, but she is a famous actress, writer, and producer. Family Guy is a famous TV drama series in the USA. And it is showing on YV till 1999, so Alex is rolling in voice character in this series.

She has also got the award for outstanding supporting actress in comic series, and at the age of 44 years, she is looking young due to her performance. She is also known as a rich lady in her field and is the owner of $30 million, but this worth was in 2022.

Her parents relationship

She loves her parents very much, and they also care for their daughter. But as you know, there are some reasons and the result for many couples in divorce. So same story occurred with the parents of Henrietta Borstein Douglas. Alex Douglas and Jackson Douglas married in 1999 when they were both young.

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But luck was not with both of these, and they separated from each other in 2017 in the shape of divorce. They have two children Henrietta Borstein Douglas, their daughter, and their son name is Barnaby Borstein Douglas.

Henrietta Borstein Douglas’s Net Worth

As Henrietta is just 10 years old, she is just too small to have any income sources of her own. She is busy with her education and is enjoying her mother’s and father’s net worth.

Nevertheless, today her mother’s, Alex Borstein’s, net worth is $30 million and her father’s, Jackson Douglas’s, net worth is $2 million Celebrity Net Worth They both have not till now revealed their salary and income sources.

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Below are some FAQs

How Old Is Henrietta Borstein Douglas?

She is 11 years old as of the time of writing, she celebrates her birthday every October 1.