Meet Shyheim Jenkins, Tenesha dykes And Jeezy’s Son


Shyheim Jenkins is popularly known as the son of rapper Jeezy, although his dad barely talks about him in interviews, and there are unconfirmed speculations makings rounds that there is a bad blood between them.

Despite his dad’s huge success in the music industry and popularity across the world shyheim is a very private person who barely makes appearances on social media.

NameShyheim Jenkins
Date Of BirthAugust 14, 2000
ParentsJay Wayne Jenkins (Jeezy) and Tenesha dykes
SiblingsJadarius Jenkins, Amra Nor Jenkins, Mahi Jenkins

The Early Life Of Shyheim Jenkins

Born to Jay Wayne Jenkins popularly known as Jeezy and Tenesha dykes in Atlanta, shyheim comes directly after his elder brother jadarius with whom they share the same mother.

He attended Georgia’s Riverwood academy and then proceeded to the tertiary level.

Shyheim Jenkins Career

Unlike his elder brother jadarius who is active in the fashion business and owns a clothing line, much is not known about shyheim . Jeezy once stated in an interview that he will never allow any of his kids to pursue a career in music.

In 2012 Jeezy was arrested and fined $45000 for assaulting his son and also threatening to kill him, although the media report weren’t specific on which of the sons, rumors from grapevines state its shyheim which may be the reason why he doesn’t have a relationship with the dad.

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After the news went viral Jeezy came out to vehemently deny the claim of threatening his son and stated that it was a plot orchestrated by the son and his mum to dent his image.

About Shyheim Jenkins Parents

Jeezy’s second child, Shyheim, does not get as much attention as Jeezy’s first child, Jadarius.

Although details about his mother are unclear, it is alleged that Tenesha, Jadarius’ mother, is his mother. His personal life details are rarely widely reported in the media, and he is also a quiet and discrete person.

Jeezy Wife And Children

Young Jeezy is an American rapper born and raised in Colombia, South Carolina, and is 44 years old. He is a passionate and devoted man who has wed four stunning women thus far.

Tenesha Dykes was his first wife, and they had Jadarius Jenkins, her first child. Like his father, Jadarius is a rapper who goes by Lil’ Jezzy.

Jadarius is pursuing his bachelor’s degree, and Jeezy bought him a Wrangler Jeep for his birthday. Shyheim Jenkins, another child of Jeezy, was also born.

Tenesha Dykes is reportedly listed as his mother, even though it is unclear who his biological mother is. Amra Nor Jenkins, her third child, was born to Jeezy and Mahlet Gebregiorgis.

According to rumours, Mahlet and Jeezy don’t get along very well. The rapper recently wed Jeannie Mai and is now expecting their fourth kid together.

Meet Shyheim Jenkins’s Brother, Jadarius Jenkins And his Mother

According to our researched, we cited that Jeezy and his former wife, Tenesha Dykes are parents to a child by the name of Jadarius. Tenesha and Jadarrius get along well as mother and son, and they are frequently pictured having fun together.

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It was unclear whether Jadarius or Shyheim were involved when Jeezy was arrested in September 2012 following an incident involving one of his sons.

Rapper, 44, is accused of pushing the kid through a door and threatening to kill him. Jeezy handed himself to the police and posted $45,000 bail.

Jadarius allegedly got into a fight in December 2018 in Warner Robins, Georgia, which left him with a “severe” cut on his face. According to reports, Jadarius sought medical attention for his wounds and made a full recovery.

Shyheim Jenkins Height And Weight

He stands at a height of 1.75m and weighs 70kg.

What Is Shyheim Jenkins Age?

How old is Shyheim Jenkins? He was Born on the August 14, 2000 and is currently 22 years as of 2022.

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